The surest thing about a sure thing is that there is no such thing as a sure thing. When the sure thing turns doubtful, the damage done by a trend reversal is extensive.  Just think about the U.S. housing market.  People always thought that housing prices have only one direction and that was up.  Surprise!

There can be no such thing as a sure thing because all movement in life is turbulent.  Turbulent flow has no predictability.  All you can know about the future is that it will get here when it gets here.  You can not see its shape, but at least you can prepare yourself to react to its opportunities and hazards.  There is no sense in just standing there and letting it roll over you.

The Future belongs to those individuals who can quickly discern, adapt to, and exploit the unpredictable movements in the turbulent flow of life.  The new Business Lords will be those individuals that have as their target the goal of growing the free cash flow of their business.  This cash flow represents the means— the wherewithal— for those shrewd business people to take advantage of opportunities and events that present themselves.