In his book entitled “Love, Medicine, & Miracles” Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, M.D. wrote:

“Unfortunately most of us must suffer before we can be transformed.  My wife, Bobbie, and I were sitting in the kitchen when the garbage disposal jammed.  I said, “what shall I do ?”  She said, “Just push the reset button.” So I went to God and asked, “If you’re such a great creator, why didn’t you give us a reset button?”  God answered, “I did give you a reset button, Bernie.  It’s called ‘pain and suffering’.”  “It is only through pain that we change. It can be difficult to see our loved ones hurting, but not changing.  Our job is to love them.  It is their pain that changes them not our sermons.”

In my own experience Dr. Siegel’s words have proved to be true.  Painful personal experiences have often reintroduced me to the virtue of humility and exposed hidden or carefully concealed arrogance.  If I want to grow as a person I have discovered that the reset button is the key.  Thanks, Dr. Siegel for your powerful and compelling insight into the locus of genuine transformation.