Many problems are identified, valued and placed on project reports for future work. Solutions may require capital and/or process improvement work.

What about the problems that never make it to the project report but are frequently talked about behind closed doors? No meetings are held to solve these problems, but people spend a lot of time wrestling with the conflict, confusion and losses that stem from them. Management and sometimes the workforce are aware of them and are watching and waiting for a solution.

You deal with some of these hidden problems on a daily basis. You may even work overtime and lose sleep because of them. Have you ever asked yourself why your hidden problems aren’t addressed? Most of the time the answer will involve a management choice. When management makes a choice to NOT solve a problem, they are also making the choice to continue accepting the associated loss. Accepting a loss as part of the way you do business is due to 1) a lack of awareness about the loss OR 2) believing that the status quo has a higher value than the loss. This is where politics enters the scene.