An algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a problem or completing a process…The steps in an alogrithm are very precise and well-defined.  If your problem is a headache, your algorithm might look like this:

1.  Have your been hit on the head?  If yes, seek medical attention; if no, go to the next step.  2.  Have you taken a pain reliever?  If no, take one now; if yes, go to next step.  3.  Have you eaten today?…and so on until it would end with either a solution or advise to seek medical attention.

The State of California recognized the growing and menacinng presence of Sexual Harassment in the workplace environment and took very precise and well-defined steps (algorithm) to circumvent this crisis.

Califiornia has now joined with other States such as Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusettes, and Maine that have passed Sexual Harassment Laws.  Dane Gottwals has stated:  "…California's law is modeled after Conneticut's exisiting Statute."

California's AB 1825 required as of January 1, 2006 all supervisory employees must receive a mandatory two hours of Sexual Harassment training every two years.

AB 1825 also states that all businesses with 50 or more employees must have Sexual Harassment Training.

MVP Seminars is dedicated to helping companies meet the State of California's mandatory compliance training.  We will assist your company with comprehensive training, follow-up and consultation with your Human Resources Department.