The positive power of negative thinking is an unusual topic especially in today’s mental mindset society.  But, let’s delve outside-of-the-box for a minute.

It is commonly accepted in western thought that a positive mental attitude is necessary and vital to achieve success and advancement. Not true! What is important is to take positive action. Attitudes are like the weather–they are always changing between being very positive and being very negative. Most of the time you are in the twilight zone of not knowing what your real attitude is. Now let’s apply the first paragraph to you in the context of the larger economy. You should be asking the question of what steps do I need to take to survive if the economic train comes off the tracks due to misguided economic/political policies (negative thinking but realistic). The positive action you should take is to focus your sights on increasing your free cash flow in your business or your cash flow on a personal level. Free cash flow is the wherewithal–the tool–you can use to take advantage of opportunities when things go bad. On a business level it will allow you to buy market share by buying your competitors when they stumble.

Negative thinking is transformed into something positive.