I believe it was Ben Franklin who stated that there are only two things in life that are certain.   These two things are Death & Taxes.

Even in science there is no certainty.  This was best expressed by the late American physicist Dr. Richard Feynman who said, “If you think that science is certain–well that’s just an error on your part.” What is true with science is also true with business &  economic systems.  There is no certainty. All movement in the business of life is turbulent and, therefore, unpredictable.  There is no Grand Plan.  The price we pay for economic turbulence is insecurity, self-doubt and vacillation.  But, we also gain something very important from the turbulent flow in life.   We gain opportunities for progress and advancement. If everything was ordered (a master plan), there would be very little to no opportunities for growth and advancement.   Old capital would not be replaced by the new capital of entrepreneurs.


Welcome turbulence and take advantage of it.  It is a mechanism to be used for your and societies betterment.

The future belongs to those individuals who can quickly discern, adapt to, and exploit the unpredictable movements in the turbulent flow of life.