If you’ve seen the movie “the King’s Speech,” you know that to reassure his people during a time of crisis, King George VI had to overcome his stutter.

If you’ve been in the audience when CEO’s, Chief Technology Officers, VPs, Program Managers, Directors, and other leaders have made their presentations, you know that many of them have their own speaking obstacles to overcome.  With their “ahs” and “ums” and poor eye contact (reading, looking at the screen), monotone and low volume, reliance on buzzwords and cliches (“the bottom line,” “going forward”), they undercut with their poor presentation skills the important messages they seek to deliver.

Managers, supervisors, technical specialists, and everyone on the way up in their careers can use that award-winning movie as a self-coaching review:  “Am I ready to address my audience (key customers, government evaluators, all-hands meetings, product-launch events) with confidence and credibility when the time comes?”