Research data suggests that the role of a father in the life of the child is highly important.  The research data suggests that an optimal developmental environment for the child mandates the father.  One of the main reasons why the role of the father has become a subject science research is the rise of youth violence.

The social engineers and proponents who once touted the minimal value of the role of the father have been forced to reexamine the societal contribution of the father.  Kyle Pruett, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the Yale Child Study Center, reports on the emerging results of his longitudinal study of the development of children in intact families who were raised primarily by fathers.  His research has demonstrated that fathers have a “direct significant influence” on the development of infants.

Pruett found that the child development literature supports the importance of the father-child relationship by noting the correlation between an infant’s test scores on certain assessments of intellectual and motor development scales.  He notes that they are higher if a father has been actively involved during the first six months of the child’s life.  Purett also found that babies are more socially responsive if their fathers have been involved in their everyday physical care during the first two months of life.  These babies also seem to disintegrate less in the face of  distressing situations.

Studies have also revealed the powerful relationship between a father’s interactional style and the cognitive development of preschool children.  Boys contact with their fathers promotes intellectual development through the internalization of the father’s mode of thinking and problem solving.

The National Center for Policy Analysis said: “Experts perceive a direct correlation between teen misbehavior and the lack of a father in the offenders’ homes.”  It is interesting that long and enormously expensive studies and research are required to realize what a few generations ago was commonsense and commonplace truth.  Children need their fathers.  Who would have ever believed that America would have to be told that fathers are a necessary and vital component in the raising of children?

The family is not only a social institution it is also a sacred institution. A country is only as strong as the people who make up its families.  Having fathers fulfill their roles in the home is pivotal.  Charles R. Swindol observed: “…I’m bothered by a trend occurring today; the preoccupation and passivity among fathers.  Remember when men where men?  Remember when you could tell by looking?  Remember when men knew who they were, liked how they were, and didn’t want to be anything but what they were? …Remember when it was the men who initiated the contact and took the lead in a relationship, made lifelong commitments, treated a woman like a lady, and modeled a masculinity that displayed security and stability? …more and more men care less about being men, the family is thrown into confusion.”

We are in desperate need today of men that are willing to do the heavy lifting that is required to be a father.