The American middle class is going to be invaded or assaulted on three fronts that will trash their standard of living. The first is rapidly rising oil and fuel prices. If the U.S. government wants to debase their dollar to be trade competitive, then the bill we pay is for oil (which is priced in $) to rise in price. The second assault also follows from above. Many farm commodity prices are now rising faster than oil in value. This is especially true for corn future prices. Corn is especially important because it is a feedstock for many of the popular meats we eat. The last assault on the middle class will come in the form of rising electric prices. The EPA is engineering strict emission rules regarding CO2 that will result in the closing of many of our current coal generating electric power plants. This may not sound important but almost half the electricity generated in the U.S. is from coal. These coal plants will have to be replaced by more expensive gas generating plants. Guess who will pay the price for this? YOU!

There are no free lunches in economics. You will be paying the bill for these attacks by diminishing standards of living and employment opportunities. HOPE–a secure future lies in economic growth.