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Changing the Hands of Training – The Winds of Change Are Upon Us
It’s time to change “hands” – from the HR & Training Department and into the hands of the employee… out of the classroom and into the hands of your talent.

Ok…hold your horses…I’m not suggesting the elimination of these departments or classroom delivery.  I am suggesting our role must evolve more into true facilitators and strategist of learning and engage all stakeholders in the on going process of training and development with the use of technology. Yes, training and development is not a one time event – it is an ongoing process. This is not happening in many organizations.

And yes all stakeholders.  That means changing how managers, supervisors, team leads and dare I say the “c-suite” are engaged in the planning and process.  There needs to be a fundamental change in how they see their role in the training and development and it’s relationship to impacting the bottom line.

An emerging trend is showing itself to be a relevant tool to support this needed change!  Going mobile is a key solution and allows for self-directive, collaborative learning facilitated by employee training specialists. Additionally, It naturally incorporates key adult learning principles, it’s easy to use and has surprisingly affordable formats.

In this current economic climate, with so much restraint on training budgets, now is the perfect time to work with alternative modes of learning and training…the irony?…the alternative may be the most effective way to get the results decision- makers want with the cost that anyone – that any company can afford!
Consider this – spend less – get higher return-on-investment!

Using A Mobile Training Solution…
Some of the readers of this post know that yesterday I launched a beta test for a new APP resource to be used for employee training and development. It has been rolled out to a limited test group but there are a few more chairs at the table for anyone that wants to try it out.  Honestly I am super pleased with the functionality so far and what is can do.  There will be on going comments and discussions on Twitter, so feel free to check it out -#1%Edge.

So, I am not just giving an opinion in this post, I (and several other HR, IT, Small Biz, and Mgt. professionals) are testing this real-time right now. My goal is not just to talk about it, but to provide viable, affordable solutions in this space.

Employee Training & Development – There’s An APP For That
Use of an APP available on both Android & Apple platforms, is one way that employees can have an engaging training & development experience. An App can house content, can be flexible for delivery and  usage.

An APP can also be used as a connection to community as a source for user generated content, sharing best practices and obtaining real-time feedback. This is 21st century learning, training, and employee development at it’s best.

This tool in particular helps drive engagement, helps develops learning rhythms that nurture measurable change/outcomes.  For many users you’re not asking them to create a lot of new behaviors for usage.  Many people are familiar with using apps and that usage is only growing.

A great example of the mobile revolution is demonstrated in this AT&T Commercial of mobile sharing for a management, best practices solution:


Benefits Of Certain App Solutions
The app software I am currently testing has these benefits:

  • Don’t need to be bogged down with an LMS (learning management system)
  • Can be used in any part of the world
  • Doesn’t take up server / bandwidth space
  • Nibble design for evolving training needs
  • Simple authoring tools
  • User friendly design functionality – don’t have to be a techie to use or administer
  • Cost effective – very affordable
  • Very accessible/usable training resource
  • Highest return on investment with the integrated design for crowd-sourcing best practices, “just in time” learning & application, and maximizing the use of adult learning principles.
  • Can have propriety company branded app for a nominal cost
  • Does not require wireless access only, only a cell connection is necessary
  • Can be a stand alone solution or can be easily incorporated with any blended learning-training strategy
  • content provided or proprietary content can be incorporated

No matter the tool – for sure there is a sea change upon us. Look for part 2 on this topic next week. In the meantime – if you’d like to experience mobile learning-training real time – you can download the app here. It’s currently in beta – App info