Several years ago I read in a book this quote. ”The answer to the question is always there before the question is asked”. This past weekend the answers to three of my questions that have been eating away at me appeared in a most unlikely spot.

My wife and I were in the wonderful small Texas town of Fredericksburg . While strolling done the side walk we went into a gift shop. There I saw a little plaque hanging on the wall that had the answer to the three questions that has been frustrating me for the past several weeks.

I work for a huge bureaucracy and I’ve come up with three solutions to problems we have in our prison unit. The solutions would cost the State no money and would be very easy to institute and solve the problems we have for each of the three situation. I talked to the person in charge of the first department. Before I was able to take my first breath after finishing my suggestion I was told, no that won’t work. I had a similar result with the second supervisor on serious situation. I got a similar answer but it was even more quickly delivered, “No that won’t work. We can’t do that”. We have another area that is a security risk where I work and I came up with an idea which would solve several problems. Again I was told no without any time taken for reflective thought.

How could my solutions be turned down without some thoughtful examination? I just want to help my unit be better safer place and be more efficient for the tax payers.

My frustration level was affecting my wonderful Sunday afternoon with my wife when I saw the plaque that I mentioned earlier in the gift shop. It answered my questions.

The plaque read, “Great Spirit Have Always Encountered Violent Opposition From Mediocre Minds.”

Amen. This is why government is so inefficient. Great spirits are feared and violently opposed by lesser minds. Great spirits don’t work for the government. I have to find work else ware soon.