I have an Attitude about all the technology I’m being forced to learn. When will it end? Many developments in the tech world are very helpful and even quite amazing. But the more helpful and amazing they are when they work, the more damaging and bewildering they are when they don’t work.

It seems like any technical advance comes with potential drawbacks. Even a much earlier technological break-through of about 30 some years ago, the garage door opener, was a potential hazard. Sure, it was nice not to have to get out of your car in the rain and open the garage door, but if it malfunctioned and locked you in the garage, you might have to climb out the window. Or, if you had one of those garages without windows and you might leave the car running to stay warm and end up dying from monoxide poisoning. This is probably not a positive experience, even if you did die with a monoxide induced smile.
As time went on and we got increasingly sophisticated, the potential for damage and bewilderment also got bigger. Today, people keep their lives in their laptops. If it crashes, or is forgotten in any of your favorite WIFI friendly Starbucks, you can spend the next month or two trying to reorganize and replace your life. Of course that’s only if you don’t have your computer backed up online or on your cell phone.
One of my favorite developments is the GPS. How great is it to get turn by turn directions audibly telling you the way to a pre determined hot spot or a restaurant that it picked out for you? The only trouble I’ve experienced with the GPS is when I tried to use the Voice Activated feature. It was late at night and I was super tired, so I told it to take me home and just tried to keep from falling asleep while I followed the auditory instructions. Luckily the Canadian border patrol got me turned around and pointed in the right direction.
What does this post have to do with Attitude?
Everything! Technology is only going to increase. All we who long to return to a simpler time can do is practice an attitude of acceptance while trying to enjoy the benefits of the 21st century.
Getting used to all the technical things I have to do in the modern world is easier if I have an accepting Attitude, which is all I can do. Like I suggested in Post 18 Attitude and Barbells, I can have a positive Attitude toward my capacity to learn or do something, which does increase my capacity to learn and do, but I can’t MAKE myself learn or do anything I don’t have the capacity to learn or do.