Everyone knows that it takes a lot of power to run production equipment and facilities. You can see the physical power lines, cables and transformers as you travel around the property. You budget for the monthly power bills, often in the millions of dollars. You know that without electrical power, there would be no production.


There is a second stream of power that is invisible and rarely recognized because most of the time it is TURNED OFF! This power has to do with making choices to release potential and achieve sustainable change. Management has the power today to make these choices – they just don’t know the formula for turning it on. Why are choices important to optimization and change? Because different choices can remove the barriers that prevent both of these from occurring, despite spending a lot on process improvement, new equipment and training to achieve them.


Is your MANAGEMENT POWER GRID Weak or Strong? Does your operation have any of these symptoms?

– NOT MEETING EXPECTATIONS for performance and change month after month?
– MANAGERS that send mixed messages about their commitment to change?
– PROJECTS that are slow to deliver the expected value?
– DISCONNECTS that impact customer satisfaction or completion of daily tasks?
– PEOPLE BEING AFRAID of talking about problems?
– APPROVING CAPITAL that never delivers the promised ROI?
– A LACK OF TRUST between departments or between management and the workforce?
– SILOS that make it hard to get work done?
– DISAPPOINTING SUPPORT from administrative groups?
– LOSING CREDIBILITY by not living up to your mission statement?