Talk It Out
There is no stress quite like financial stress. Money worries grip our country, as we all know. The grim statistics flood the news and newspapers day in and day out: homes underwater, unemployment in the millions, mortgages being foreclosed, federal government spending out of control, the list just goes on and on.

Where the stress hits home is with unpaid bills, dental work that we cannot afford, hospitalizations that will wipe out whatever is left of the family savings, medical services or medicines that are too expensive. Money in our society equates with life and death. 50 million people on Medicaid can attest to that fact!

How to handle the stress?
Talk about it every day to someone in your family.
Pray about it every day. God is still in charge.
Pick one specific bill or financial problem and focus on it in any given conversation. The whole
ball of wax is too much.
Decide on one thing you can do to help, however tiny. Maybe it is nothing more than looking for
pennies on the sidewalk today or planting a vegetable plot. Doing anything is better than doing nothing
and negates to some degree the feelings of helplessness.
Inform everyone you know that you need their help, and be sure to specify: scout for a job? Need
help with the kids? Need a ride? Need somebody to go fishing with? Do not assume anyone else
can read your mind. Tell them what is on your mind and what help you need.

Keep working against despair and isolation. Throw a party. Be together. Most of all, talk it out, the oldest known chance to solve a problem and to be able to live with those problems that cannot be solved.