Stress Management

Stress Management

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Our MVP stress management seminars are about real life strategies & developing proven skill sets, for achieving balance, happiness, & productivity.  By understanding stress, its causes & effects, you will learn a variety of proven solutions to deal with the dangerous behavioral & emotional issues that unwanted stress creates. Bottom Line.. You will be firmly in charge of your life & business career!!  (Designed specifically for corporate professionals)


Stress:  Where it comes from and how Stress affects you:

  • Understanding the # 1 cause of stress in your life. . . . . Surveying stress from every angle.
  • How has corporate America responded to stress in the workplace?
  • Understanding your physical profile & how it relates to stress. . . .Recognizing the signals from your body.
  • Your personal stress reduction formula. . . tools to change your life.

Balancing your Personal and Business Life:

  • Case histories of corporate overachievers. . . . Learning from their successes & failures.
  • Empower thyself. . . . . . controlling your environment.
  • The straight scoop on medication. . . . . your body always keep score.
  • Creating goals & objectives that work for you personally. The power of positive affirmations.

Managing your Physical Life:

  • Managerial profile. . . . The successful manager who doesn’t understand the game.
  • Stress and Nutrition. . . . How to eat for success with minimal time and lousy menus.
  • What to drink. . . Water, coffee, tea, alcohol. . . .how much and why?
  • Discover how to get in shape. . . What are my options? How much? How often?
  • The role of vitamins and minerals in stress reduction.

Making your Career work for You:

  • Achieving greater self-confidence & persistence.
  • Taking steps to revitalize your job performance & attitude.
  • Understanding the power of selling yourself & the role stress plays.
  • The process of visualization. . . . a key tool in your stress busting kit.
  • Your ultimate choice. . . . . Choosing less stress.

De-Junking your Life:

The nuts and bolts of taking control of your life. Open discussion, have your questions ready.

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