Stress less to become your personal and professional best!  We can overcome most workplace stress. Learn the following tips and strategies to help create greater stress management/reduction for increased productivity, focus and  creativity in the workplace as well as improved health and happiness!  

  • Learn Relaxation Breathing and Mindful Meditation and practice daily.  There is a “spillover” effect!


  • Learn how cope with difficult colleagues by talking with an expert or attending a seminar regarding distinctions among communication and behavioral styles.


  • Release frustration and anger with “progressive muscle relaxation, relaxation breathing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and exercise.


  • Stay Positive: Write your goal in positive language. The more positive instructions you give yourself, the more positive results you get!


  • Pay attention to your body, feelings, thoughts and intuitive self!


  • Be Realistic! Setting  realistic goalsl within realistic time frames is important within a bigger picture and prevents self-sabotage.

  • Make time outside work to recreate, socialize and be with family.