Strategies for Less Stress


Stress and anger are natural human emotions.  Definitions of stress include a feeling of being “overwhelmed” and “out of control.”  When solutions are not evident stress and frustrations rise, sometimes to an intolerable level; variable among individuals.

Then, it is often flight or fight.   Overload of frustrations can lead into the direction of unacceptable anger, violence or go the opposite way towards depression, when it is suppressed.  Here are a few strategies to maintain a mid marker, a balance.  They need to be practiced regularly, habitually. (It can take at least twenty one days to create a new habit).  They require persistence and perseverance, fortitude and often courage.

It can be difficult to navigate through chaotic times.  Here  are some coping strategies for stress and anger well researched  that are effective for most people:

·                     Take a few deep relaxation breaths several times daily

·                     Walk away, release (walk, scream, punch the air, pillow) and calm down

·                     Be aware of your triggers- that is what presses your buttons.  If you don’t know what they are and are very

                                 stressed, depressed or angry, get help to find out.

·                     Take a “mini-vacation” (relax) everyday.  Lie down and visualize a place where you’ve been very relaxed

                           before- and be there with all your senses

·                     Exercise – Dance- Yoga

·                     Journal or write (angry) letters and do not send!

·                     Perfectionism is not the answer

·                     Stay present

·                     Let “it” go..and smile :)