Some time ago I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Fritjof Capra the author of the profoundly engaging book 'the Tao of Physics.'  Dr.Capra received a PhD in Particle Physics from the Sorbonne.

In his ground breaking book Dr. Capra elucidated the interrelationship of all beings or life.  Dr. Capra's work rocked the subject-object epistemology (theory of knowledge) of Western Science to the foundations.  Of course other impressive minds emerged too who offered works of substantive import along this topic.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a celebrated cellular biologist has revolutionized our understanding of ourselves on the cellular level in his ground breaking book 'The Biology of Belief.'  He has emerged as an original thinker that has taken issue with the doctrinal theory that living beings are like machines run biochemicals and DNA.

It is Dr. Lipton's belief that the theory of mechanistic biology is profoundly lacking in many respects.   For instance, he believes that contrary to being merely highly ordered mechanistic entities living beings are shaped by the intelligence of each of our 50 trillion cells.  He explains how environmental stimuli influence our current immune and thinking states and shape the content of our brains.  He gets deeper and seeks to bridge the gap between quantum mechanics and biology.  Dr. Lipton states that this is the key to knowing how one's cells listen to the energy of one's thoughts. He effortlessly moves on from that radical perspective into the chemistry of stress and love.  For Dr. Lipton the body, mind, and the immune system change with each emotional state.

This is enormously valuable insight because we are invited to realize that the greatest arbiter of where we are and who we are at any given moment is subconscious mind, and it is the most valuable tool that we possess.

With all of the emerging external neuro-technology by which to measure mind states or states of awareness Dr. Lipton would have us to realize that epigenetic determinism and DNA are not determinative as to what we become as are our thoughts.  Thought establishes and maintains intrinsic identity.  This is fantastic spiritual insight.

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