Strip mining was/is the obscenely monstrous practice of gouging into the bowels of the Earth for certain resources for which there are market demands.  There are huge demands for such resources because markets were credited for their innsatiable consumption.  Hence, the beastial term ‘consumer’ is applied to these economic ciphers.

The grand Inquisitor by Dostoevski is a brilliant and dark prophetic work of foreboding insight into the schemes of a few men to manipulate and control the lives of others.  Their manipulative designs are completely self-serving and they employ the most ‘compassionate’ and deflective rhetoric in order to hide their real plans.

The Grand Inquisitor says to the Iesous, “I tell Thee that man is tormented by no greater anxiety than to find someone quickly to whom he can hand over the gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born.  But only one who can appease their conscience can take over their freedom.”

Thus is the nefarious genius of the spiritual strip miners.  Their twisted and malevolent logic is mixed with putrid pontifications delivered with lilac winsomeness to disguise the presence of sulfur.

The Grand Inquisitor takes up the bread motif from the Temptation event in the wilderness and uses it as an accusing witness against the Iesous.  “In bread there was offered Thee an invincible banner; give bread, and man will worship Thee, for nothing is more certain than bread.  But if someone else gains possession of his conscience – Oh! then he will cast away Thy bread and follow after him who has ensnared his conscience.”

Ah, yes, the ensnared conscience is the true work of those who have seen designs to trouble the lives of those who would live in peace.  The ensnared conscience is manipulated by the invisible controllers to sign on to a perverted and distored type of Manifest Destiny.

The Manifest Destiny is built around the necessity of bread that necessitates and created a social determinism that is irresistible.  We can only resist such persons as the Grand Inquisitor through tireless vigilance and relentless dedication to real freedom.

Real freedom is unencumbered by specious sophistry and compelling actions that tutor the unsuspecting in petty entertainment that destroys appropriate self-interest and self-awareness.

Real freedom allows all men, and children to join the courageous path for the pursuit of happiness without the misleading sign posts along the way of lies from the Grand Inquisitor.

Start reading for yourself great documents on freedom such as the Declaration of Independence.  Real Plato’s Republic, read Brave New World, etc…  Moreover read the greatest document on liberty and freedom – The Bible.