Have you ever had a poor experience making a presentation? It can linger with you for a long time….and it can affect how you feel the next time you are asked to present.
You inevitably “drag” that fear with you…and you lose credibility before you even get up to the podium. It simply is a natural response, and difficult to release.
There is a catharsis when you write down, and realize that this is an experienced you went thru and now choose to release and let it go. Talking about is one thing. Writing it down, actually becomes a release of the angst that you are going thru. Like a balloon that is slowly and noisily releasing its content. You need to recognize it and let it go. Write down the the confusion or disappointment and shred it, tear it up or throw it away.
Then begin the next steps of doing a solid and succinct format for your next presentation. Have a theme and make it into an outline.
Remember to open and close with a powerful sentence or story….you want them to remember you and your message.
Because you have addressed where it went wrong last time….you will be prepared to make sure that your message will be presented successfully this time.
There are reasons for mistakes. Seriously, you learn from them, and improve yourself and your message every time.
If I were to count the number of times that I felt my presentation was lackluster…and didn’t achieve what I initially wanted, I would’ve given up a long time ago.
Realize and recognize and go forward…and relish when you come to that “bump” you will present it with credibility and impact.
You had practiced even more, and your knowledge shone through…and the applause was well deserved!
If Edison, or Michael Jordan gave up after all of their “failures”….they never would’ve been the successes they became!
The same holds for you too.
Taking you from “Confident to Compelling” is my goal with all my clients. Call Eileen Strong today and discover the speaker that lies within you today!