Since my winning, pre-crash self image was based on what I had and what I did, when my crash changed what I had and what I did, it also changed my self image. Suddenly I was embarrassed to be me. My crash stole my identity by stealing my winning self image. I needed a new self image. I needed a new self. I needed to rebuild myself.

We’ve all heard someone say, “If I could live life again, I’d do it differently. I wouldn’t waste so much time. I’d really apply myself to my goals.” Have you said that? I sure have.
Well, here was my chance, I was starting over. I had all sorts of physical, mental and emotional limitations. I didn’t have the tools or abilities I had the first time I built myself, but I had a hunger, I had plenty of free time, and most important, I had a mental picture of the man I wanted to be and I was hungry to be that man.
No Limits an autobiographical account of my rehab journey, is an account of how I realized that it doesn’t matter how many times I fall. All that matters is how many times I get back up.
Like a magnet pulls iron shavings to itself, the self help section of a local book store pulled me to a collection of books talking about the power of Winning Attitudes. The most memorable thing I learned early on in my quest for a Winning Attitude is that the key to a person’s personality, how they behave, both in their internal and external lives, is their self image.
By giving me the tools to rebuild myself and my self image, books by such authors as Norman Vincent Peal and Maxwell Maltz helped me to quit seeing myself as a victim and a non participant in life’s great good. Until I quit seeing myself as a victim instead of an over comer, all I could expect to have were the things victims and non participants have.
Victims and non participants don’t have Winning Attitudes and the things Winning Attitudes bring, and neither could I until I developed some self respect and a strong and capable self image.


I won’t elaborate on them in this post, as I do in earlier or later posts and in my Winners Don’t Quit keynotes, but the tools that helped me develop self respect and a capable self image are as simple as A-B-C.

  • Accept the life I’ve been given–Live until I die.
  • Believe I will succeed–Lighten up.
  • Care about others–Care about others.

Winners keep on winning because they keep on Accepting, Believing and Caring.