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JoAnn Corley

People have said about JoAnn that she is an emerging voice to be heard in the business marketplace…a catalyst for innovative thinking…passionate for bringing theory into reality in the laboratory of real life!

Keynote Topics: Leadership,
Business Training Topics: Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Stress Management,

People have said about JoAnn that she is an emerging voice to be heard in the business marketplace…a catalyst for innovative thinking…passionate for bringing theory into reality in the laboratory of real life!

She was named to the Next Generation of Masters by NoNiche Magazine and known as someone with great insightful, combined with a practical sensibility of what the everyday work experience needs to get results.

JoAnn Corley is a dynamic, inspiring speaker, trainer, career and management coach. She has a contagious passion and energy for the topics she teaches and has shared that passion with thousands across North America specializing in seminars on The Power of Execution, Creative and Innovative Thinking, Effective Management and Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Powerful Communication and Dynamic Team Synergy.

She is also co-author of the book, Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Success, a collaborative effort with some of the top female motivational speakers in North American and hailed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame as a must read, along with the recently released books The 1% Edge and Wisdom@Work. Ms. Corley utilizes her 20+ years of business experience, expertise in the knowledge of work functions and thousands of hours of human behavior coaching to consult in areas such as organizational design, creative and innovative thinking, management development, and adaptive leadership strategies.

She is known by her clients as insightful, passionate and an acute strategic thinker as she assists them in reaching their targeted outcomes.

Ms. Corley founded Convergence Consulting Group in 1998, a human resource-organizational development firm, which has provided services to a variety of industries such as; accounting & finance, engineering, government, staffing, risk management, not-for-profits, and sales to name a few.

Variety also describes the type of coaching and consulting clients Ms. Corley’s has helped over the years, which have included governmental leaders, scientists, engineers, PHDs, executives, finance and accounting consultants, mid-level managers and small business owners.

She took her consulting and coaching experience on the road conducting seminars and workshops all over North America and Puerto Rico. She has spoken to thousands of people and in every major city in the U.S.

Ms. Corley attended ConcordiaCollege, Moorhead, MN and EasternIllinoisUniversity. Prior to launching her consulting practice, she spent several years as the International Benefits Manager for a not-for-profit, then moved on to become a Senior Recruiter for the Richard Michael Group, a boutique Chicago recruiting firm.

Concordia College, Moorhead MN, Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL

Topics Portfolio:

Creative & Innovative Thinking – The Next New Skill.

Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed.

Can’t We All Just Get Along? – Enhancing Team Synergy Through Personality Types

E.Q. & You – An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Leadership From the Inside-Out – How to Match Personal Power With Positional Power.

How To Kick the Stress Habit

How to Manage Conflict With Finesse & Tact.

Creativity Day Camp for Trainers – How to Spice Your Content & Delivery.

“…the best trainer I have experienced in many years! ..Thank you, JoAnn” Pat Isenberg, COO, Amputee Coalition of America “Best retreat we’ve had in over 10 years!” – Heather Huffman, Healy Communications “Best seminar I have ever been to.” -Lynda Jordan Admin Assist. School Dist. 158 Huntley “JoAnn really kept you glued to your chair.” – Patricia Moraveck, Honeywell, Admin Assist/ Buyer “…light bulb moments all day!” Sharon Stavropoulos, Asst. Property Mgr. Concord, CA “JoAnn “rocked” with her presentation” Lupita Escobedo, Help Desk Specialist, Stanford Univ. Thanks for a great seminar!…I was in a creative rut, but after your sessions, I am back at work and can’t wait to experiment with the ideas shared at the conference.” Jenny Krikava, Grealand Corp.,Nelco Division, Green Bay, Wisc., Marketing Acct. Executive “Our conference speaker JoAnn was outstanding. Her enthusiasm is genuine and her knowledge is terrific, but importantly she knows how to share her knowledge. She knows how to TEACH!” Christina Marshall, The Conference Board, Ottawa, Canada “I have head from many of the conference attendees and seems like you were a hit! I had one individual who has been with the company more than 10 years who was really energized by you. She’s a hard one to please so congratulations!” Tina Winmill, VP Chesapeake Publishing Corp. “I must say it was one of the best I have ever attended. I told our Manager of Training and Development, that you were topnotch and that he shouldn’t hesitate to recommend your seminars. Thanks again.” Dave Maranda, Bissell, Inc. “Awesome! Fabulous! Incredible! training. I was very impressed with your style and professionalism. …your material was excellent. I am looking to applying it with my clients – Matter of fact I did today!

Ken Wallace, President Visionworks Consulting, Inc.

“Dynamic! – Excellent” – Joy Dooley – Lisle Job Club

A Career Coaching Client who recently bought a business. “After 3 weeks it feels GREAT! It really feels like the right thing! I first wanted to keep you informed. More importantly I want to thank you for your help. Thanks a bunch. I really feel that I am experiencing my dream :-)”

Attendee from a Wilmington, Delaware – Women’s Conference.

“Just wanted to drop a line to say “Thank You”. Again, I wanted to commend you on your presentation. I was so impressed with the presentations presented by you…Here it is months later and I still rave about what a MARVELOUS and productive time we all shared together.”

Recent update from a previous career coaching client. “I am doing well…A lot has been happening, and I’d like to give you credit for helping me. I’m extremely grateful for you and hope that I can be an inspiration for people you are coaching.

Yoko, Ching-An, and Sansan still talk about their experience with you on your coaching help.” -Manager of Business Application Development

Management Training Project! “I wanted to take time to thank you for your contributions to our management team. You have made a lasting impression (and more importantly had a lasting effect) on all who participated in your Management training presentation and the subsequent smaller “change” group sessions that followed.

JoAnn, if I may recommend your many talents to any other company I would welcome the opportunity. The Richard Michael Group and I thank you for your contributions to ours.”

-Tina K. Hagopian, -Vice President of Training and Development -The Richard Michael Group

“JoAnn Corley was superb! Hands down, she is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen.”

-Kathy Missillo – Exe. Sec. University Health Systems

“She is phenomenal – off the charts wonderful! JoAnn you are awesome. I appreciate your talents and gifts.. You have taught me much.”

Jennifer Pommier, Franciscan Ministries, Office Mgr.

“JoAnn was fabulous!” Xai Her, Exe. Secretary. UHC

“It is people like her that make a difference. Bravo!!! fun, humorous…” Gabriela Jimenez, Specifications Clerk, International.

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