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Jeannine Stamatakis

Graduated from U.C. Berkeley and Saint Mary's College which inspired me to conduct Business Training and Workshops. Specialties include: Time Management, Stress Management, Wellness, Career Life Balance.

Keynote Topics: Creating a winning mind set, Living and Working with Passion, Professional Image For Success,
Career Development, Time Management, Stress Management, Change, Performance Enhancement,

A Bay Area native and Californian through-and-through, I am delighted to come speak to your company.

In addition to facilitating college classes, I am a presenter in multiple areas, specializing in stress management, time management, wellness/health and Career Life balance.

Currently a Psychology Professor for local colleges with a background and training to include clinical experience, as well, working with various age groups and populations.

My research interests include neuroscience/brain cognition and positive psychology. From my Counseling training, I incorporate Positive Psychology into my classes and workshops – helping people self-actualizing, view their strengths, and focus on creating lasting change.

Likewise, I am a contributing writer to Scientific American Mind, a magazine/periodical geared toward Psychology.

I am a member of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP) as well.

I have training that has given me the ability to create a wonderful toolbox to help bring efficiency, success, and a more positive mental outlook to your company.

Apart from my work (which I enjoy very much), I attend cultural events and explore museums and experience the cultural diversity that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.

Looking forward to hearing from you or your company soon!

U.C. Berkeley

Saint. Marys College

I attended U.C. Berkeley with Honors (Go Bears!) for my undergraduate studies.

Saint Mary’s College (Honors, Go Gaels!) for my master’s degree, focusing in Counseling-Psychology.

Saint Mary’s is a small, liberal arts college nestled in the East Bay Hills that consistently receives notoriety for being a top “green” college and is well-known for students’ outreach in the community as per community service.

All materials are customized and personalized specifically for your organization:

Courses Include: (1) Stress Management

a. Learning how to control stress, before it controls you b. Strategies to manage stress c. How to excel and use stress to your advantage

(2) Time Management

a. Learning how to be an effective time manager b. Ways to save time and be more productive c. Learn how to focus and push away time-altering distractions

(3) Wellness/Health

a. Learning about how to stay mentally well b. Learning how to stay physically well c. Learning to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine

(4) Balance/Career

a. Learning how to achieve optimal balance between work and home b. Organizing and compartmentalizing information

(5) Professional Image for Success

a. Learning how to dress for success b. How others view attire and what message it sends c. How to create a successful image in any workplace

(6) Women’s Issues

a. Learning self-esteem/self-confidence b. Focusing on what matters at home and at work c. Reaching full-potential in difficult work environments

As per college courses, I currently teach or recently have taught:

Introduction to Psychology/Fundamentals of Psychology, Social Psychology, Lifespan Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Psychology in the Workplace).

"Jeannine has this wonderful, positive energy. She conducts her workshops in a way that are both interactive and informative. Highly recommended." (Time Management Participant)\n\n "Jeannine is helpful, knowledgeable, and personalizes all her material - her personalization style is phenomenal. She has a great way of connecting with everyone and you leave her workshops feeling like you have tools and strategies to make changes." (Stress Management Participant)\n\n"Jeannine interweaves personal stories and experiences and her discussions are very relevant. She connects so well with others - I would love to take another workshop from her." (Balance/Career Workshop Participant)\n\n"Jeannine is one of the best workshops leaders I have met." (Wellness/Health Participant)

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