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Jack Haffey

He spent 30 years employed by The Montana Power Company – 15 as a corporate officer and six as its EVP and COO. He also served eight years as a Montana state senator. So Jack knows the utility industry well, from the trenches to the executive offices. He also understands the legislative and administrative policy leadership areas of state government quite well.

Keynote Topics: Behavior & Classroom management, Green (Environmentally Friendly) Innovations,
Business Training Topics: Communication, Green (Environmentally Friendly) Innovations, Healthcare/Stress Management Leadership Managing Change,

Jack has enjoyed a rewarding life so far, and is deeply grateful, but there is much more to do regarding specific areas of interest, passion and experience.

He spent 30 years employed by The Montana Power Company – 15 as a corporate officer and six as its EVP and COO. He also served eight years as a Montana state senator. So Jack knows the utility industry well, from the trenches to the executive offices. He also understands the legislative and administrative policy leadership areas of state government quite well.

He knows what it takes to guide a large utility company to excellence – serving all its stakeholders well. He also knows what it takes to lead the legislative and administrative branches of state governments at the policy leadership levels. And, Jack knows how to enable the private sector and public sector leaders to work together excellently. It is a mindset and behavioral paradigm thing – Jack teaches it in a high energy, content rich and forcefully inviting way.

Jack also has served more than 25 years on the Board of Trustees of Community Hospital of Anaconda, Montana – a top 100 hospital in the United States. So, he has a keen and well developed interest in the health care sector too, especially at the board governance levels (including vision, mission, leadership and cultural aspects of organizations). Having served on a number of other boards, including the Board of Trustees of Carroll College in Helena, Montana, Jack understands board governance well.

In each of these areas, and even from childhood and from his time as a high school teacher and coach, Jack Haffey has been focused on and committed to helping people and organizations identify their potential and passion in life and achieve it. — The Essential and Persuasive Difference.

The distinguishing difference between Jack and all others who speak and consult in these areas is that he has formed his own 21st century model for how organizations, from the CEO level all the way up to the boiler room level, can and will excel over the long term. He knows both intuitively and from experience that the dominant and out-of-date 20th century leadership, cultural and fiduciary mindsets and behavior patterns are or must quickly become museum pieces.

In a world where fewer than 100 extremely wealthy people have the same wealth as the total for the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet, Jack knows this new mindset and behavioral model is urgently needed. Assisting organizations in this way is not an option for Jack; it is a moral imperative. He speaks, consults and lives this purpose – serving organizations of all types to identify, reflect on and act out their own unique long term missions and visions in practical, well grounded and fully lived ways.

B. A., Mathematics, Carroll College, Helena, Montana.

MBA, With High Honors, University of Notre Dame.

Advanced Management Program, Harvard University.

It is best, right from the start, to invite everybody to understand there is only one purpose for Jack to offer course(s). The purpose is to serve in a way that enables each and all individuals and organizations to understand, embrace and move toward their own ultimate and long term level of excellence.

So, Jack’s primary focus is organizational (and individual) excellence – how to define it, how to pursue it, achieve it and retain it over the long run. His training sessions, speeches and all engagements have this singular laser focus.

This focus, though, by its nature incorporates the topics of leadership, culture, multi-year adaptive planning, and knowing and actualizing our unique potentials – each individual, each organization, nation and all of us together around the world. The angels are in the details of course.

Daunting? Not at all, but it must look or feel daunting because we as societies and economies, even with all the wonderful advances and innovations of the last two or three centuries – and especially the 20th century – are not moving in this direction very fast.

In business training sessions, in keynote addresses, in public seminars and in good old shoot-the-bull sessions, in all gatherings, Jack:

  • Introduces himself and his purpose,
  • Asks participants to answer questions that are both pointed and yet the kind asked around kitchen tables and on street corners around the planet,
  • Presents his own playbook-like set of answers to these questions and
  • Invites participants to tear into a discussion, a point-counterpoint civil and yet animated, spirited dialogue on it all and, ultimately,
  • Invites all to converge on a consensus going-forward pursuit-of-excellence plan for themselves and their organizations.

This kind of program really is aimed at ultimate purposes, beliefs and visions, ultimate reasons for existence that, when identified and embraced, inspire and enable individuals and organizations to lift their lives to the highest levels.

It is needed, now. The epiphany experiences Jack invites groups to have open life-change thinking and behavior. Let there be no doubt, though. The epiphanies are commercially ultimate, not merely existentially ultimate.

And they apply to work, family, leisure and all aspects of life.

What Clients Are Saying\n\n “It was excellent. It reminded me of the golden-throat days of George O'Connor.” (George was a former CEO of The Montana Power Company) - about a one hour interview of Jack on Face The State, a Montana Television Network weekly news program – similar to Face The Nation, in 2001."\n\n J.J. Burke\n retired Vice-Chairman of Board of The Montana Power Company \n\n “You must love public speaking and clearly communicating on complex topics, because you are so good at it.”\n\n Bob Nelson\n Montana Consumer Counsel, after listening to a presentation by Jack to state officials, 1990s. \n\n “Jack, for me it was like listening to a superb attorney arguing before the Supreme Court.”\n\n Robert Sullivan,\n retired Dean of the Univ. of Montana School of Law, and former General Counsel of The Montana Power Company, 1980s. \n\n “You didn't tell me I was going to follow the best speaker in Southwest Montana.”\n Former Montana Governor Ted Schwinden about Jack, at a St. Patrick's day dinner for 400 people, 1982. (Jack was the keynote speaker).\n\n “Senator Haffey, you are like E. F. Hutton, when you talk, everyone listens."\n\n Ed Smith\n\n Secretary of the Montana Senate, 1980s, and current Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court.\n\n “Jack spent 5 hours with our agency and collectively we accomplished more than the previous two years. The work was grueling but the outcome well worth it. Our vision is clear; our goals are set and within reach; and our strategy has been "blueprinted"; and all within a suitable timeframe! Jack is simply the best - he is second to no one. Thanks Jack!”.\n\n Debra Cuny\n\n Executive Director, Anaconda Family Resource Center.\n\n "For more than two decades I have been watching admiringly as Jack Haffey applied his extraordinary skills to both public and private sector challenges, and there is no one to whom I would rather turn for advice on all aspects of organizational excellence".\n\n Ralph Cavanagh\n\n Energy Program Co-Director, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)\n\n "I have always marveled at Jack Haffey's ability to look at an issue at a very complex level and then to articulate that complexity clearly and succinctly. His skill is in summarizing and synthesizing the disparate thoughts of many and in raising the conversation to a new level. His passion for excellence is evident and he has committed himself to leading others in understanding and embracing the power of excellence and servant leadership. My thoughts about these critical leadership values have been enriched by my conversations with Jack Haffey".\n\n Margaret Perryman\n\n President/CEO Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare St. Paul, MN

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