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Greg Gilbert

Keynote speaker and business trainer in leadership, supervision and human resources. As the Human Resources Area Manager for a large organization, he was responsible for grievances, labor relations, arbitration, assisting with lawsuits, safety, training and compensation.

Keynote Topics: Conflict Management, Customer Service, Management Skills ,
Business Training Topics: Leadership, human resources, conflict resolution,

Known as the “The Leadership Czar With A Guitar”, has spoken to thousands as a keynote speaker and as a corporate training instructor.

A keynote speaker and corporate trainer with a strong background in Management and Human Resources.

Greg retired from a large corporation as the Area Manager of Human Resources. Greg was the primary HR contact to a workforce of 900-2,100 at various times for over a decade prior to retirement.

His responsibilities as HR Area Manager included grievances, labor relations, arbitration, assisting with lawsuits, safety, training and compensation.

He learned so much about people but the one he learned the most about was himself which was great news since that was the person he had the best chance of changing.

Greg was successful in changing the role of his department from policeman to partner. His open-door policy facilitated front end involvement in lieu of damage control.  

He developed and delivers a management training class, “Leading Like You Own It!”™ This class was developed from years of personal and mentors experience. It is a must for any person in a management, supervisory or Human Resources position.

His keynote “Leading Like You Own It! Why You Never Wax A Rental Car!™”  and Leadership Seminar are loaded with real-life personal stories that will bring out many different emotions and we NEVER change anything in our life without emotion. They also address a plan for change and improvement.

If your organization has any problems with quality, quantity, safety(osha) or attendance and you have undocumented performance improvement plans or employees receiving some level of discipline, then there IS cause for alarm in your organization. This can be easily solved through leadership and supervisory training. Let us help you with HR and organizational compliance.

In 2008 Greg published his first book “If Your Baby Could Talk…Would You Listen? A Baby’s Thoughts On Raising Good Parents”. These principles can be applied to the workplace too!

He is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management and Nashville Songwriters Association International.

While raising a family and climbing the corporate ladder Greg still had time to become a guitar picker, author, songwriter, poet and ex-cattle rancher that will share true stories and songs that are guaranteed to motivate leaders while stirring up many emotions.

When Greg writes a song he always says “If it doesn’t make you mad, sad or glad, I’ve wasted your time”. He feels the same about his keynote and management training except he wants you to experience all three emotions. Mad, you didn’t think of and implement some of these items. Sad, you may have wasted some time with the wrong priorities.

Most of all he wants you to leave glad that your paths have crossed and you will take away some very valuable information that you can use in your business and personal life.

"Your level of expectation and tolerance will determine your profitability." -Greg Gilbert\n\n"The pursuit of personal growth is optional in life as long as you consider high performance as optional also."\n-Greg Gilbert\n\n \n\nKeynote “Leading And Living Like You Own It!™” \n\nGreg Gilbert's keynote, “Leading And Living Like You Own It!™” contains not only success stories but the actions that led to success. Successful people form habits of doing things that unsuccessful "Most People" will not do. You will leave with a plan, a plan to make some changes in your business and personal life.\n\nYou will be introduced to a "First Class Mentality" and the "Shuck and Add" program of personal improvement.\n\nGreg will share "The World's Best Layoff Prevention Policy". This will change your thought process.\n\nIn his HR career Greg witnessed so many success stories. These did not just happen. They happened because SOMEONE DID THEIR JOB. A “success story” is normally NOT created by “most people”. “Mr. HR With A Guitar” will talk about these items in between such hit songs as “I Love HR” and other miss songs (the opposite of a hit song). The reason all groups enjoy this presentation is because the common theme is people with some fun thrown in. You will think differently when you leave. Greg’s goal is to increase personal accountability, reduce finger pointing and have you leave as “UnMost People”!\n\nLength of Program-45-90 minutes-Great for manager meetings / retreats or breakout sessions. \n\nLeading Like You Own It!,\n\nWhether you are new in supervision/management or have held your position for decades, you will benefit from attending the "Leading Like You Own It!". This course was developed from decades of journals, planners and PDA's.\n\n The main focus of this course is that managers and supervisors are paid for RESULTS, not hourly. Results are more important now than ever! Sub-titled “The Positive Impact Of Education, Engagement And Accountability” this course covers every aspect of producing results through others. It also stresses the importance of business/personal priorities.\n\n"The World's Best Layoff Prevention Policy" will change the way everyone looks at their job. We discuss "moving up the depth chart of your own potential".\n\nThis class was developed from years of personal and mentors experience. It is a must for any person in a management, supervisory or Human Resources position. If your organization has any problems with quality, quantity, safety or absence and you do not have documented performance improvement plans or employees on some level of discipline, you have tolerated poor performance. We receive what we tolerate! \n\nThis is not textbook prepared by an academic, this is real life success and failure. Many managers/supervisors have long successful careers by simply becoming "brilliant in the basics".\n\nIt is critical that we consider this: With your current results on quality, productivity, safety, attendance, revenue generation and customer service, is your company and position sustainable? Yes, sustainable. That’s a word we MUST begin associating with results!\n\nCourse Length: 6 hours-Can be delivered in one day or afternoon/morning.\n\n\n\n

“Thank you. You have opened my eyes to the true importance of what I do as a supervisor. Your real life stories presented leadership in a manner where I “get it”. I see where I’ve dropped the ball.” – Comment at the end of an August 2013 seminar.

“What took me paragraphs explaining our value on a web site, this individual summed up in one statement; seeing the importance of leadership.

Instead of me explaining the ROI of improved quality, productivity, safety, attendance and morale; imagine the ROI of a supervisor or manager “getting it” and realizing they have “dropped the ball”. Imagine the ROI of them making immediate changes. Imagine the ROI of each leader accepting and sharing the importance of what they do with others throughout a career and lifetime.

“What a wonderful presentation you made for our Arkansas Transit Association 25th anniversary. Our members enjoyed your stories and I think all of us deal with many of the same issues every day. Thank you for joining us and sharing “Life Resume\’ Update”.” Ann-Arkansas Transit Association

We gave them an evaluation sheet to hand in at the end of the training and you were on it. All the evaluations I have read, gave you good and very good marks. Not one bad mark. I will let others know about you and hopefully have you back another time. Thank you again for your passion for what you do, it was very uplifting to many.

KH-Families & Children Together, Inc. (South Central Arkansas Head Start/EHS/ABC Programs) “You addressed some serious subjects and threw a humorous twist to it.”

“A great mixture of education and humor. Made me think about what is important in life.”

“I have never heard the second portion of the bucket story but it is a powerful message.”

“Oh my gosh, I’ve been living with a 17 year old PICOD and didn’t even know it.”

“Excellent speaker! Had a great time.”

“I had to buy your CD because I couldn’t take notes fast enough.”

“Loved the Life stories. Reminded me of all the things I have been through.”

“You hit me right between the eyes and stepped all over my toes. I needed that.”

“Greg is a first rate speaker who has the skill to put a crowd at ease and share good information in a fun and friendly way. He was a hit in South Arkansas!”

“Excellent! A wonderful change from the norm! Great talent! Love to see it again! I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect but you were great! I’m totally impressed!”

“Leading Like You Own It” Seminar Feedback:

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was not boring, it kept my attention. You gave very interesting examples of your past experiences. I can use these in my job.

Good information – not only useful in the worksite setting but “day to day” relationships.

I don’t feel like there was “too much” or “not enough of” anything. The training flowed and information given came from personal experience. This helps seeing what works and what doesn’t in things we deal with in our day to day professional life. I will also take with me things to help me in my personal life.

Thanks so much Greg – It was great and I think we all have learned so much. We will continue to have discussion when we return to the office.

I liked the format. The stories help support issues that we as supervisors face each day. It is true what you said about looking back at ourselves. We can build or tear down with our words. I liked the small group round table. I prefer this way of learning.

The training brought new perspectives and re-enforced ideas on getting the most out of ourselves as managers as well as employees. It was good to hear that others are facing the same situations as we do.

Comments from various industries:

“This information removes all excuses!”

“Very practical, to the point, effective principles given, easily understood, a very useful seminar.”

“Greg, you have given me the tools I can use to be a good supervisor after the class. I know there are some things I need to change my perspective on. You were good @ explaining the “whys” and it was not boring! That’s a plus!”

“I liked this class as well as the attendance class. Please send me info on other classes. Also, I would like to send some of my supervisors to these classes. I really like the “true stories” you tell in the class. It makes the information REAL! A good well-rounded class.”

“Enjoyed the class. There have been several changes at a work site and the things we went over is (sic) are deviations. It was good to hear your experiences and to see the direction I must go.”

“Good practical real world examples. It’s good to hear about employee issues outside of your company and see that your issues are not dissimilar.”

“The smaller class size & the real life situations can hit home better than “text Book” situations. I have learned a lot that can give me the potential to be a better leader.”

“The class is a very good class. Some of the things you went over is what I have already experienced. Thanks very much and thanks for lunch.” (note-lunch is no longer included)

“I believe the whole class was positive! Leave everything as is. Thank you very much, it was very insightful.”

“Enjoyable presentation! Very pleased with the less formal approach and open discussion format. Enjoyed real-life examples as well.”

“I wish this was recorded. There were so many things covered it was hard to keep up.”

“Something for everyone, not just new supervisors!”

“This contained things that applied to life in addition to my job.”

“Wealth of information. Picked up many things I can implement immediately. It\’s like 20-30 experienced managers giving you their best stuff, the things that work!!”

“So many things you don\’t think of. I sure wish I\’d had the draft folder advice last month.”

“Clearly denotes the importance of consistency as it relates to following policies.”

“If you are in a leadership position, you need this class for life applications also.”

“I appreciated hearing real life experiences. Thank you for the information on the importance of maintaining meeting posture.”

“I thought the workshop was very informative. The information shared made sense. I can see if this information is utilized we can have a successful workforce.”

“The “Bucket Story” alone was worth the entire day. I needed to hear that. I have my priorities out of order.”

My favorite feedback sheet just had “TIGS” in large letters and “This Is Good Stuff” in very small letters —Greg Gilbert

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