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Alice Inoue

Over the last decade my work has been focused creating workspaces using Feng Shui, Leadership strategies, and personal spirituality.

Keynote Topics: spirituality, leadership,
Business Training Topics: Leadership, office workspace feng shui, spirituality,

Over the last decade my work has been focused on creating workspaces using Feng Shui, Leadership strategies, and personal spirituality.


Overview Demystifying Feng Shui

Leadership Using the Law of Attraction

The Secret to Successful Team Building

Supercharge your Workspace Using Feng Shui

Astrology…Is it Really All in the Stars?

1981 Morrison Academy, Taichung, Taiwan


1985 University of California, Santa Cruz (BA – Biology)

Feng Shui Training:

2002 Living Feng Shui Institute, Private Study, Lihue, Kauai

2003 Feng Shui Designs, Nevada City, California

2003-2004 The Feng Shui Lady, Las Vegas, Nevada

2004 Advanced training with Sean Xenja, San Francisco, California

2004 Advanced training with GrandMaster Lin Yun,

Founder of Black Sect Feng Shui, Honolulu, Hawaii

Demystifying Feng Shui\nLeadership Using the Law of Attraction\nThe Secret to Sucessful Team Building\nSupercharge your Workspace Using Feng Shui\nAstrology...Is it Really All in the Stars?\n



“Thank you so much Alice for such essential information that was so very clearly presented. I was very impressed with how you shared your information in a way which people could actually use and understand. “

“I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us. You always enlighten us and bring positive energy to our souls.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with everyone!”

“Your presentation is easy to follow and understand and I enjoyed it. I love it when people simplify things for me!”

“I look forward to attending more of your presentations.”

“What a treat to share in your passion. I can feel the energy shifting already. Thanks so much for following your path and sharing your journey with us. You are such an inspiration.”

“During your presentation, your demeanor was upbeat, positive, even playful…..and so then we the audience could follow your lead and LIKEWISE feel positive and hopeful too. You provided a positive framework—and I am blessed to have been there.”

“Thank you for putting on such a wonderful presentation. Your presentations help me keep an open mind and introduces me to a different way of thinking. I truly appreciate you.”

“Your presentation was awesome and totally relevant!”

“THANK YOU so much for your charismatic talk. It was a fitting presentation for our organization and what we are trying to do and they were receptive to your charm, wit and spiritual knowledge.”

“Just wanted to say \’thanks”. Excellent presentation at the NACE meeting. The time spent listening to you sped by. Your effort and information is appreciated.”

“Just wanted to say “mahalo” for the seminar you gave today in Hilo… was extremely helpful in demystifying what Feng Shui REALLY is! “

“I want to thank you for such a great talk. Based on the feedback we\’ve received the event was a rousing success. Many of the response cards asked for “more Feng Shui!” You are an excellent speaker and we\’d be proud to have you back.”

“Mahalo for shining your light Congratulations!!! A beautiful, exciting presentation!!! Thank you. Thank you. So much excellent information. I am so pleased.”

“I just wanted to say that I LOVED your presentation!! What great ideas you gave. “

“Wow, what a fantastic presentation. I just loved it… it was excellent… you did an amazing job.”

“You did just amazing in your presentation. Thank you from the limitless depths of my heart for your words.”

“Wow, what an incredible presentation. I loved it. “

“It’s inspiring to meet someone so passionate about sharing their message of hope and self-improvement. “

“I was at your Thursday night seminar at Kahala Mall, and I LOVED it! You are a great speaker and it was very interesting. “

“I enjoyed your presentation and was once again impressed with your delivery style. Very relaxed, easy to listen to and informative.”

“My deepest appreciation for your wonderful presentation.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation. Your advice has given me confirmation that what I was feeling was right, and the confidence to follow my intuition more. Thank you for doing this for me.”

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful message. It is so appropriate for me, and now I know it is for all of us as everyone was touched by your words.”

“Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed tonight\’s presentation. So simple to understand and, more importantly, so simple to implement. I\’m excited to learn more about the different facets of Feng Shui and how to incorporate them into my lifestyle.”

“Your presentation was a “wow”! Rung so true for me.”

“We were very pleased with the response to your presentations-very positive.”

“I feel you shared a wonderful message with our audience – both live and online. Personally, I was glad to learn some new things, and I’ve been thinking about many of the points you shared. Awesome.”

“I loved listening to you speak… you are inspirational. Thank you for being a role model and stepping out into the world and living your truth!”

“Just wanted to tell you that I\’m SO glad I attended your event. You were great! — so knowledgeable, poised and fun!!! Also, awesome PowerPoint!”

“As you can see from the evaluations, you did an outstanding presentation last night. Everyone felt safe and had a great time and fun in “discovering” themselves and their talents.”

Thank you so much, Alice, for all that you do and are! You were fantastic in your presentation and I\’m grateful to have been there. It was inspiring to see you. Thank you for your spirit!”

“Alice, you were a HIT! Thank you for taking the time to prepare and make the session so very relatable to our group. You are a pro!”

What an absolutely mind-blowing event!! You did a wonderful job of expressing clearly what you know to be true – and your sparkling personality and passion regarding what you were saying came through loud and clear – stunning “

“I had tears in my eyes during the entire presentation, because what was being said and what I was feeling at the energetic level rang so true with what was in my heart. I am still feeling the energy now and am so grateful to have been present to experience you.”

“Thanks Alice, you were a HIT at my event!!! Am sending you remittance right now!!! You’re worth every penny!”

“You da best! You were just shining your brilliant light up on stage everyone was drawn to your energy and spirit – including me. I was so blessed to be right up front.”

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