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Frank (Francesco) S. Adamo

He applies his analytical skills as a chemist to train technical professionals to spice up technical presentations into a meaningful, influential and enlightening experience. His passion to inspire others to be comfortable when speaking in public has empowered a multitude of technical and non-technical professionals to be relaxed, self-assured speakers with every presentation they give.

Keynote Topics: Leadership, Communication Skills,
Business Training Topics: Leadership, Public Speaking, Professional Speaking, Communication Skills, Technology,

The Compassionate Godfather

Speaker, Published Author, and Man on a Mission to Inspire Others to Believe in Themselves and Reignite Their Dreams

Since 2002 Frank S. Adamo has been receiving rave reviews for his workshops, presentations and keynotes throughout the United States and as far away as Georgia in Eastern Europe and Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

  Frank’s philosophy is instilled in his recent contribution to such books Discover your Inner Strength with Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, and Stephen Covey; and Yes You Can! with the legendary Jim Rohn and Dr. Warren Bennis. Many organizations including the Calgary Toastmasters Leadership Institute and Lions International have engaged Frank to empower audiences through his inspirational workshop, Believe in Yourself—Achieve your Dreams.

Based on his published book, 31 Tips to Becoming an Effective Presenter, and his forthcoming book, 31 Steps to Feeling Comfortable and Being Confident when Speaking in Public, Frank applies his analytical skills as a chemist to train technical professionals to spice up technical presentations into meaningful, exciting and enlightening experiences.

His passion to inspire others to be comfortable when speaking in public has empowered a multitude of technical and non-technical professionals to be relaxed, self-assured speakers with every presentation they give.

Frank has been described by audience members as “a great presenter,” “very organized,” “well prepared with moral lessons,”  “a very skillful communication coach,” “an experienced speaker who inspired and encouraged one’s true self,” “extremely motivational,” “truly trained and professional,”  “very dedicated person ,“ “talented writer, researcher, speaker.” The testimonial that means the most to him is:

x “Frank is caring and compassionate”

Ever since he was a young boy, Frank wanted to help others. Movies like To Sir, with Love, where a teacher transformed a class of juvenile delinquents into young, outstanding adults and the original 1950 Broken Arrow, where an ex-Calvary soldier befriended Cochise and the Apaches helped mold Frank’s passion to serve others with compassion. The themes from these films about personal growth, service, and acceptance of others are at the heart of every presentation he gives.

Frank has inspired others to believe in themselves, reignite their dreams, and take charge of their lives.

Connect with Frank in the manner that suits you best so his workshops, keynotes, and books can benefit your audiences

BA degree in Chemistry from the U. of South Florida.

MS degree in Analytical Chemistry from the U. of South Florida.

Multiple workshops on professional speaking, leadership and communication skills, and technology and computer software related topics.

Effective communications is essential for success; yet, the #1 fear for many is public speaking.

You have the opportunity to minimize and even eliminate your fear of public speaking in a safe and positive growth environment.

Learn how to be comfortable when speaking in public by understanding the root causes of fear, realizing that fear is a positive emotion, and learning how to turn your fear into a world of excitement and enthusiasm. In fact, you may realize that public speaking can be enjoyable for both you and the audience

Be an Effective Presenter.

Effective communications skills lead to success yet many of us give or have given presentations and delivered speeches without the essential knowledge of effective speaking. You will learn how to organize your speech/presentation; minimize your ahs, ums and other filler words; refine your message to impact the audience; visualize your message through effective body language; and inspire and engage your audience with your voice.

All attendees will received a copy of Frank’s book, 31 Tips to becoming an Effective Presenter when they attend a workshop.

Be an Effective Networker.

Networking can be the most efficient way to promote your business and find customers but you need to network effectively in order to find those prospects and turn them into customers.

Learn what is networking and where, when, and how to network by attending this interactive and thought provoking workshop.

Creating and Delivering Effective Business Presentations.

With todays technology, it is easy to assemble a series of slides and deliver a speech and call it a business presentation – but are we getting the results we expect? Though we will use PowerPoint or Prezi, THIS IS NOT A POWERPOINT workshop. Rather, we will focus on identifying the key issues, organizing your presentation, preparing for your presentation, using visual aids to enhance (not to distract from) your presentation and, most importantly, effectively delivering your presentation with or without the use of PowerPoint or other visual aids.

Effective Communication Skills for ESL Employees

Speaking proper English and increasing one’s vocabulary is very important in communications but, equally or more importantly, is how we communicate with others. Learn to be more effective in speaking to individuals or an audience by using simple and concise vocabulary; by changing our pitch, duration, pace, and volume of our voice; by using appropriate gestures and body movement in moderation, by having eye contact with your audience, and by listening and focusing on the other person or audience.

Discovering and Maintaining Inner Strength Through Times of Uncertainty.

Many of us are or we know of others who are struggling through these difficult times. With the loss of jobs, increased foreclosures, 401Ks dropping to 101Ks, and other alarming circumstance, is it a wonder to maintain a positive outlook? We’ve been inundated with depressing and negative news for months. Even with a stimulus package, we may have hope, but we still may see despair.

We must keep our faith. We must see the immediate future as an opportunity for success. We must break through the paradigm of negativity. Frank is pleased to speak on “Discovering and Maintaining our Inner Strength during Times of Uncertainty.”.

Be Comfortable when Speaking in Public

Have you ever needed to speak in front of an audience but you simply didn’t feel all that comfortable and you feared the outcome?

Keynote Speeches:

Finding your Target

Opening Doors of Opportunity

Looking Back to Move Forward

God is my Co-Pilot?

Untangling your Life

“In the time I’ve known Francesco (Frank) he’s proved an energetic and enthusiastic promoter of excellence. He offered his help to me at a critical time and introduced me to a world of resources on effective speaking. Don’t let Frank’s mild manner and quiet approach fool you. This is a man possessed of tremendous knowledge and a passion to share it. He is a natural mentor and a skilled coach.”

C. Walsh, Director of Quality Services

“You are an example of what is a truly trained and professional person…You are the guy who hit the winning home run and shot the final basket in the last two seconds of the game and the cavalry coming to save the day.”

A. J. Nunez U.S. Selective Service Board Member Appointed by the President of the U. S.

“I think the program was great. I learned a lot and I enjoyed every class. I like that you made us feel very comfortable and you shared your experiences with the class. You really changed my life.”

R. Escobar, Engineer

“Excellent! I learned a lot from you and I benefited from your presentation and enjoyed your way of teaching.”

J. Puspanjali, Accountant

“You had full understanding of fears people have in public speaking. You made us relax and feel comfortable and gave hope that we can overcome the fear. This is a needed course and one that could benefit everyone. You were friendly and very personable. Truly cares about helping us all and making us feel we all have something worthy to say. You were a wealth of information and very humble and helpful to each person.

C. Calvin, Homemaker

“Excellent. You were very comprehensive and effective, and very natural. You were practical, easy to understand and rememberable”

S. Chen, Banker

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