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Evan Money

Evan personally coaches select entrepreneurs, elite athletes and celebrities.

Keynote Topics: Creating a winning mind set, Entrepreneurship,
Business Training Topics: Leadership, Christian topics, Spirituality In Business,

Bestselling Author, Film Maker & Global Entrepreneur, Evan Money has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CBS and Sporting News Radio.

Evan’s newest film, Words of Art stars Joel Osteen, Daren Hardy, Tom & Zig Ziglar, Mark Batterson & Denis Waitley (

Evan personally coaches select entrepreneurs, elite athletes and celebrities.

Evan owns and founded a multi-million dollar global extreme sports enterprise that he started with no investors.

Bestselling Author, Global Entrepreneur

Executive Producer of the blockbuster film Words of Art starring Zig Ziglar, Joel Osteen, Darren Hardy and more.

“Evan Money is one of those rare individuals who puts his beliefs into action; he will teach you to do the same. Evan walks the walk and that is what makes him so special. He has my highest recommendation!”

Dr. Keith Phillips, President, World Impact

” Evan lights up the room, his enthusiasm is infectious and contagious, his words are truly life changing.”


” Of the 20 high profile guest speakers we had, Evan was voted the audiences favorite speaker!”

STEPHEN D. CHRISTENSEN- Executive Vice President Concordia University

“Evan’s personality contagiously inspires everyone who comes in contact with him. His focused and dedicated approach motivates and encourages others to maximize their own individual abilities and realize positive growth in their lives, and leads them to be the best at what they do.”

Jeff Harlow Arena Football Team Owner / Boxing Promoter

“I have known Evan and his family for years. Honest, Creative, Dynamic, Expressive, when Evan speaks you want to listen. He thinks big, dreams big and then he moves make his dreams a reality. Adding action to Ideas? – Evan lives it. If you can catch just a little of his fire, a little of his passion, it could make life oh so much more interesting.”

Dr. Douglas Holtzinger

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