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Earl Suttle, Ph.D.

Specializes in working with businesses and organizations to increase their profits and productivity through developing their people.

Keynote Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Sports,
Business Training Topics: Team Building, Leadership, Stress Management, Health Care,

Dr. Earl Suttle is the Founder and Chairman of Leadership Success International, LLC, an international training and consulting company based in Atlanta, GA, that specializes in working with businesses and organizations to increase their profits and productivity through developing their people.

As a business consultant and dynamic, entertaining keynote professional speaker, Dr. Suttle delivers numerous presentations throughout the year in the United States and South Africa.  He conducts life skills workshops at universities and schools across the country. 

Dr. Suttle’s 25 years as a healthcare professional gives him a unique perspective in his work with hospitals, nursing homes and independent living facilities on leadership and motivating employees.

Dr. Suttle is coauthor of five books with Dr. John Hubbard:  “Earl’s Pearls on Enjoying Excellence,” “Preparing for and Managing High-Risk Situations in the Lives of College Athletes (An Athlete’s Guide),” “Preparing for and Managing High-Risk Situations in the Lives of Professional Athletes (A Player’s Guide),”“Great Life Choices for Teens (Who Want to Make a Difference)” and their about to be released, “From Stressed to Blessed”.   

All books have been receiving rave reviews.  He has produced a number of CDs and DVDs on leadership, professional and personal development. 

Dr. Suttle is also a consultant to the NFL (National Football League), the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), where he works directly with the players.

Dr. Suttle has conducted keynote addresses and seminars for many corporations such as AFLAC Insurance, AT&T Corporation, Delta Air Lines, The Coca-Cola Company, American Express, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, United States Postal Service, Kraft Foods, The Hartford Insurance Group, Wachovia Bank, The Atlanta Life Insurance Company, Georgia Department of Labor, Cobb EMC, Anheuser-Busch Companies, The City of East Point, GA, Prime Communication, Los Alamos County, NM.  Dr. Suttle began his professional life as an elementary school teacher and guidance counselor and particularly enjoys his workshops in the educational field at schools and universities such as the University of Georgia, Indiana University, University of Miami, Gallaudet University, University of Alabama and many more.  

In addition, he is a long-term approved speaker for the NCAA Health Care Grant.   Dr. Suttle earned his doctorate in Addiction Studies and spent many years working in the healthcare profession.  Expertise and camaraderie are the hallmarks of his work in the health care industry with clients such as Kentucky Health Care Association, Arizona Health Care Association, Georgia Health Care Association, American Hospital Association, Tennessee Health Care Association, West Virginia Health Care Association and Wisconsin Health Care Association, to name a few.

His wife, Dr. Felicia Suttle, is President of Leadership Success International, LLC, and host of her own talk show, “Conversations with Felicia” on The Africa Channel that airs in the US, UK, and the Caribbean.  Earl and his wife have been featured on CNN, Ebony Magazine and InStyle Magazine.  Dr. Suttle is the proud father of one son, Darron, two daughters, Lindi and Zani, and two grandchildren. As a professional speaker and business consultant, Dr. Suttle is available to do training and keynote speaking at conventions, companies, federal and state-sponsored events, civic associations, school systems, and churches.


“Leadership: Catching, Motivating and Keeping the Best Employees During Tough Economic Times”

If you want your staff to be happier and more enthusiastic about their jobs, this power packed program is for you.

In this program you will learn skills that will help make leading your team more productive and personally rewarding than you ever expected. You will learn to energize, develop, and reward them when the money isn’t there.

Participants in this leadership program will learn the following:

Fresh ideas to motivate yourself and your team. Recognize the difference between managers and leaders.

Ways to reinforce performance-enhancing behaviors.

5 levels of leadership and assess where you are.

Unique ways to get the most from others by asking better questions.

5 circles of change within your organization and how to help your employees through these changes.

How to coach your employees with confidence.

How to understand your social style and the social styles of others.

How to create an organization of leaders.

How to create a work environment that fosters cooperation and mutual support.

How to increase your teams productivity, enthusiasm, and commitment.

5 step leadership model for continuous improvement within your department. Unique ways to unleash the potential of your team. (This program can be conducted in one hour, half day or full day workshops.)

“How to Master Stress Before It Masters You”

Mastering your stress means that it doesn’t manipulate you. The challenge is to learn not only how to master stress, but to make it work for your advantage. In this interactive program, participants will learn how to gain their personal power back by learning effective techniques and strategies to improve their well being on their job and at home.

Participants will learn the following:

How to identify early warning signs of stress.

How to utilize a simple stress model called “TAP” to handle any stressor they will face. Time management techniques to manage their life better.

Stress strategies to increase their productivity, vitality, success and peace of mind.

How to design a wellness program for personal growth and improved energy and enhanced personal power. (This program can be conducted in one hour, half day or full day workshops.)

“Becoming the Greatest You Can Be” (Enjoying Excellence)

This highly charged interactive keynote session provides practical usable ideas to help participants become better in their individual and professional life. It will highlight 5 Keys to Better Living, how to reach their potential, and how to keep growing as leaders in this fast-paced changing environment.

This session will also provide participants with some unique ways to be the best at work and find their passion, power, and purpose in life. Participants will learn how to deal with difficult people as well as establish their own personal growth plan to enhance their career growth.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn the 5 Keys to Successful Living.

How to establish a personal growth plan to enhance their career growth.

Participants will learn unique ways to enhance their personal power with others. (This program can be conducted in one hour, half day or full day workshops.)

Alcohol and Drug Education

In this interactive educational program on alcohol and drug education, participants will increase their knowledge about the stages leading to alcohol and drug addiction, and identify signs of alcohol abuse. Also, participants will learn how alcohol and drug abuse can affect athletic performance. Participants will also create team strategies to reduce alcohol and drug abuse on their team.

Participants will learn the following:

How drug abuse can negatively impact athletic performance.

Three risk factors to becoming addicted. Alcohol and drug use and the LAW.

Become more aware of what impairment means.

How to intervene with an athlete who has a drug or alcohol problem.

Unique ways to create a safe environment on campus.

Team Building for Success: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This program is designed to help people work better together. In this interactive session, participants will gain greater insights about themselves and their team members and how to enhance relationships in their workplace.

Participants will also gain more knowledge about their behavioral work styles of others as well.

In this leadership program participants will learn the following:

Fresh ideas to motivate themselves and stay motivated to perform at high levels

How to understand their work behavioral style and work style of others for better work performance and reduce conflict

How to establish team norms of appropriate behaviors on the team How to better understand conflict and resolve conflict within the team

How to better assess their team development and make important changes.

How to establish their own personal growth plan to enhance their career growth.

Keys to enthusiasm and maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace.

5 ways to be your best at work.

How to utilize celebrations to strengthen work performance and work meaning.

5 step framework leadership model to build a better team for ongoing success How to boost team morale during changing renewing times (This program can be conducted in one hour, half day or full day workshops.)

“Your Attitude Determines Your Success”

This session focuses on how to develop more positive attitudes in the workplace and how to neutralize any negativity that may be lurking in the hearts and minds of your staff. We’ll look at five diseases of negative attitudes and five attitudes that help easy the way to success. You’ll also gain a better understanding of change in the workplace and become change-skilled in handling it.

Participants will also learn how to deal with difficult people, as well as establish their own personal growth plan to enhance their career growth.

Participants in this program will learn the following:

5 Diseases of Negative Attitudes.

5 Attitudes Important for Success.

Four R’s of a Healthy Relationship.

Five Attitude Adjustment Remedies.

Five Ways to be their Best at Work.

Reasons Why Customers Quit.

How to Understand Change and How to Become Change-Skilled to improve Work Performance.

ABC’s of Employment with Enjoyment 7 Major Growth Areas you need to Know to Grow. (This program can be conducted in one hour, half day or full day workshops.)

“Being part of the Symposium is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the rookies and help mold them into more productive players and individuals. Your dedication, positive work ethic and success have set a wonderful example for these young men.” Christopher Henry, Director, NFL Player Development

“Thank you for the significant investment you made with Delta Air Lines last year by being such an important part of the Velvet Rope Tour. Your motivational talk on day two of these sessions was such an important part of the success we are seeing. Your message was clear, inspiring, applicable and entertaining. You captivated the group every time you spoke, and not only helped us in our professional lives, but also gave us wisdom for our personal outlook as well.” Sandy Gordon, Vice President, In-Flight Service Operations and Training

“It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Dr. Earl Suttle. Several institutions including the University of Miami and Indiana University strongly recommended Dr. Earl as an individual who could conduct an interactive educational program on alcohol and other drugs.

The presentation was exceptional! Dr. Earl captured the attention of our student-athletes for the duration of his high-energy presentation, which is no easy task. The group format that Dr. Earl utilized allowed for an interactive educational. My staff and I received nothing but positive feedback from our student-athletes.”

Steve Nordwall, MA, AT, ATC, Director of Sports Medicine, Eastern Michigan University

“Thank you so much for presenting at our IHCA-ICAL Workshop. Your presentations were outstanding and we received rave reviews from those who attended your sessions. You were motivating, uplifting, and most importantly, gave our attendees tools they can take back to their facility to implement immediately.

I wanted to especially thank you for making your presentations interactive and fun. It is a rare speaker that can keep an audience’s attention for almost five hours in two sessions in one day. You did that and make it look easy.” Robert Vande Merwe, Executive Director, Idaho Health Care Association/Idaho Center for Assisted Living

“We enjoyed hosting and benefitting from your two presentations a great deal. I received many positive comments, particularly from mid-level managers, regarding the morning session and it appears your message of “celebrations” is already catching on in some areas.

Your ability to transition form the morning general session and move our Board of Trustee’s and President’s Cabinet-level management team through higher level strategic planning and value/goal setting was masterful. Your high-energy and clever approach to getting everyone out of their seats and working together was a sight to see.”

Mark Colip, O.D., VP for Student, Alumni and College Development, Illinois College of Optometry

“On behalf of Cobb Public Health’s Adolescent Health and Youth Development program, I would like to thank you for being the Keynote Speaker at our 7th Annual Youth Summit. You were awesome! It was exciting to see the young men engaged in your activities, energized about your presentation, and inspired by your challenges.

In my observations, the adults enjoyed your presentation as much as the youth. It is so important for young men of color to see positive role models. It was powerful to witness their demeanor change as you had them repeat their affirmations. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise.”

Agnes F. Brown, Director, Adolescent Health and Youth Development, Cobb Public Health

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