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Dwight Edwards

Formerly a professional tennis player and the senior minister of a 2500 member congregation for 13 years, Dwight brings a wealth of experience and wisdom in dealing with human behavior and peak performance. He has spoken for the last 25 years throughout the U.S. and many parts of the world. He has given presentations at Yale, Texas A&M University, The Air Force Academy, and other universities.

Keynote Topics: Leadership, Goal Achievement, Wellness,
Business Training Topics: Business Gurus, Visionaries, Change, Career, Christian Topics,

Dwight Edwards is a best selling author, professional speaker, and Life coach for the prestigious River Oaks Country Club in Houston, Tx.

He has authored three books – “Revolution Within”, “Releasing the Rivers Within”(both published through Random House); and “A Tale of Three Ships”(published through Booksurge,

Formerly a professional tennis player and the senior minister of a 2500 member congregation for 13 years, Dwight brings a wealth of experience and wisdom in dealing with human behavior and peak performance.

He has spoken for the last 25 years throughout the U.S. and many parts of the world.

Clients include: Presentations at Yale, Texas A&M University, The Air Force Academy, and other universities.

He is the co-founder of NovaQuest, a company dedicated to helping individuals, companies, and teams achieve peak performance. He authors a tri-weekly email service entitled “High Octane for the Mind – reflections on peak performance and extraordinary living.”

A graduate of The University of Mary Hardin Baylor, he has three grown sons – Stephen, Jordan, and Brandon.

Graduated from The University of Mary Hardin Baylor in 1978

Attended Dallas Theological Seminary 1980-1983

Whether it is the need to get in shape, lose weight, practice, study, break an old habit, or form new ones – we all need sustained willpower. This presentation provides a fresh and innovative approach to the crucial issues of motivation and change. Much of this material is a radical departure from the tired, outworn methods of motivation commonly used today.

Some of the areas covered are:

Understanding basic human needs and their impact on motivation.

Why all people are “perpetually motivated” and the tremendous ramifications this holds for change and effective living.

The six different kinds of motivation

Understanding the dynamics of change

Why most motivational talks usually make very little long term difference.

Sustaining motivation over the long haul Cultivating the perspective that best enhances motivation.

Renovational Communication – a radically new approach to enhancing peak performance

This presentation is a highly provocative, challenging, and very enlightening approach to how to best motivate ourselves and others to make those changes which best enhance one’s performance.

It powerfully addresses the issue of why all significant change is ultimately “inside out” and the role of transformed thinking in this.

Topics include:

What exactly “renovational communication” is and how it differs from most motivational speaking today.

Why there is no such thing as an unmotivated person.

How our motivational energy gets mentally hijacked in unhelpful directions. How to take it back.

The differences between behavior modification and thought transformation.

Why understanding this is so important for the long term.

Understanding the awesome power of genuine paradigm shifts and their implications for change.

The tremendous power of mental pictures for retaining critical truth.

Six Pillars of Peak Performance and Extraordinary Living.

Six Pillars is a way of describing what I believe to be the essential character qualities for gaining and sustaining excellence and success. They are the non-negotiable building blocks for peak performance and extraordinary living.

They consist of:

1. Humility – the inner strength that courageously and ruthlessly recognizes the extent of one’s personal shortcomings and neediness; while at the same time embracing joyously and quietly the fullness of one’s strengths and abilities.

2. Diligence – the willingness and ability to bring the full exertion of one’s resources to the task, challenge, or opportunity at hand. The “full release” of one’s mental, emotional, and physical resources for the attaining of a preferable future.

3. Perseverance – The staying power which transforms diligence into maximum productivity. It is the abiding tenacity which overcomes all obstacles, endures all adversities, utilizes all resources, and seizes all opportunities so that one’s best may be fully actualized on the playing field of life.

4. Courage – The refusal to be controlled by internal fears or external circumstances in order to seize the highest good, regardless of the cost. It is taking the right risk at the right time in the right way for the right reason.

5. Wisdom – The ability to find and utilize truth for maximum success. It is the practical, working knowledge which lays the foundation for skillful living.

6. Care – The genuine, active concern for others’ highest good. The willingness and ability to treat others with the respect, kindness, and truthfulness we all crave.

In this workshop we look at each of these qualities in depth. These six characteristics are the result of having been involved in helping many, many individuals and groups for the last 25 years; as well as reading hundreds and hundreds of assorted biographies. They are not the only important pillars for successful living and peak performance; but they appear to be the primary supports which uphold or encompass all other important qualities. For instance, integrity (a vital attribute) is encompassed within the sphere of courage – moral courage.

While skills training, information gathering, personality profiling, etc. certainly all have their place to play in personal and organizational development; we believe these are ultimately very secondary to a far more important task. That task is the one of becoming a self-motivated, relentlessly diligent, humbly courageous, quietly wise, and genuinely caring individual and organization.

High Impact Communication – exploring the ebb and flow of dynamic interacting

This workshop is far beyond simply developing better social skills. It focuses on the two great issues in powerful communication: receiving and imparting.

The presentation includes:

Section I – The Ebb: Receiving Meaningfully

I. Laying the Foundation – Four Critical Realities

II. Opening the Door – a “Yes” Face

III. Inviting In – a Listening Ear

Section II – The Flow: Imparting Powerfully

IV. The Heart Language of Influence

V. Word Power

VI. Right Word, Right Season

This workshop is designed to give participants a better understanding of the dynamics of effective communication and how they can more successfully interact at home, work, and with friends.

The major emphasis throughout the presentation is that the most powerful reality in communication is not body language or listening skills, but heart language and heart skills.

Coloring Outside The Lines – maximizing your creative thinking

This highly creative presentation focuses upon what it means to think outside the box. It highlights the three key characteristics of effective creative thinking and gives biographical examples for each. Included are things such as:

What it means to think outside the box and why it is so critical.

Understanding the roles of courage, eagerness, and perseverance in the creative thought process. Seeing why each is so crucial.

The main things that keep people from coloring outside the lines.

Guidelines for when to think outside the box. When staying inside the box may be the most radical and important thing you can do.

Examples of significant outside the box thinkers.

The Three Pillars of Customer Care – becoming experts in the people business.

This is a very stimulating, motivating, and practical presentation on the crucial issue of customer care. Included in this presentation:

Why a company can believe in customer care but not do it.

The four critical ingredients for a company’s success and why customer care ranks first.

The three silent but crucial questions each customer is asking.

How to respond to a crisis in ways that promote customer trust.

How purposefully losing sales can trigger far greater sales. The difference between a goal and a desire and why the distinction is so crucial.

A Tale Of Three Ships – charting your course in life

This presentation focuses upon the three main ways people approach life. Using the imagery of three different kinds of ships, I describe their differences and the approach to life they each represent. The sinking ship – daily survival; the cruise ship – unbridled enjoyment; the battle ship – satisfying influence. I give guidelines on how to find one’s “extraordinary dream” and how to launch out unreservedly for it. This presentation makes an excellent graduation speech, but is broad enough to be appropriate for almost any occasion.

Main points include:

Moving past survival mode The dangers of living life on autopilot Why cruise ship living is an unrecognized downgrade in life Finding your extraordinary dream The costs and rewards of following your extraordinary dream Leaving a legacy

Say No to Vanilla – Daring to live life at full throttle.

A challenging and motivating presentation focusing on what it means to live life at full throttle from the center of one’s unique giftedness and talents. It focuses upon the five central characteristics of a “vanilla buster”. Very, very inspirational and motivational message!

“As we approach our 100th Anniversary in 2008 we take great pride in reflecting on our past. But more importantly, we want to seize on the excitement of the moment and set goals that will propel us to the next level of excellence and performance. . Establishing the goals is not the challenge. The challenge will be in accomplishing the goals. That is why we are excited to have Dwight Edwards on board as our high performance Coach.

He is helping our firm to define those goals and then will work with us individually to meet them. I am impressed with Dwight because he gives us…news we can use! ”

Dick Hite – Owner & CEO, Norton Ditto Houston, Tx.

“Dwight is very conscience of the modern day reality that powerful messages need to be conveyed quickly and impactfully. He has spoken to my employees twice in the past year. x Both presentations – one on customer care, the other on thinking out-of-the-box – were 30 minutes or less. In each case he used his vast mental inventory of interesting and relevant stories, quotations and examples to highlight the high performance lessons”

Daniel S. Parsley – Chairman and CEO; SalvageSale, Inc.; Houston, Texas

“What a huge impact you had on my students. You truly got their attention and they now understand the importance of finding their extraordinary dream and how to make it come true. In one short class period you helped them put into perspective what is really important in life. What a clever and creative way to describe the course of life using’ A Tale of Three Ships’. Although it is a short book, it is packed with tons of eye-opening ideas and thoughts.”

Kathy Mason – Klein Forest High School; Business COOP Coordinator

“Kristie and I both recently finished reading his book: A Tale of Three Ships. It is truly superb, motivating, dead-on and extremely well-written. I am thoroughly impressed and plan to keep it near-by so I can reference it and re-read it from time to time. ”

John Sullivan – Houston attorney with Fulbright & Jaworski

“Dwight’s ‘Six Pillars of Life’ has been the foundation for our players\’ approach to life, college, and athletics. I highly recommend Dwight to any team or group wanting to build team chemistry, values, and work ethic.”

Tim Cass – Sr. Athletic, Director of University of New Mexico; 8 time all-conference coach of the year, Former men’s tennis coach at Texas A&M, former USTA summer collegiate national coach.

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