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Dr. Rick Spruill

His current professional work is as a business trainer, lecturer, organizational climate consultant, college adjunct faculty and coach.  He has facilitated training and seminars for teams in many topics including: Team building, communication skills, delegation, time management, and has coached individuals on employee performance.

Keynote Topics: Communication, Situational Leadership,
Business Training Topics: Team Building, Supervision Training, Leadership, Project Management,

Dr. Edric “Rick” Spruill is a proven and tested leadership expert.  He received his Doctorate of Management (D.M.) degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in 2008.  His published dissertation is a case study researching the possible correlation between organizational climate and employee performance. 

He excels in conducting training, discussing leadership concepts, teaching technology related courses in the workplace or in a college setting, crafting surveys for teams to assess certain quantifiable dynamics, and coaching when called upon. 

Rick, is a retired U.S. Army First Sergeant with over 20 years of active duty and Reserve time.  During that time he has served as a Drill Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, held various titles and has received numerous awards. 

His training experiences includes both large and small audiences in corporate settings and to all levels within the U.S. Army from Generals to Privates. 

Rick espouses the view that situational leadership is actually the most prominent practiced leadership model in use today.  It is illustrated daily in many organizations throughout the world.  Succinctly, he believes and teaches that an effective leader has to ebb and flow between styles in order to continue to lead employees and increase performance and employee productivity.  In his years serving in many roles in corporate and within the Army, he champions this concept in practice, role modeling, verbalization and coaching.

He is adept at engaging audiences, as appropriate, with the right blend of seriousness and humor to convey the necessary highlights of discussion.

His personal/individual coaching experience includes career, life goals and decision making. He prides himself in regularly advising two of his most complex students – his teenage/adult children. 

Additional Professional Experience:

Co-author: “Life Skills Primer” – Essays on Leadership.

Adjunct Faculty for the following institutions of higher education:

College of Southern Maryland Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design Schiller International University Salem International University Anne Arundel Community College

Doctor of Management (DM) in Organizational Leadership, 2008

DISSERTATION: A Correlational Analysis Relating Organizational Climate to Employee Performance: A Case Study

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with focus in Global Management, 2000

THESIS: The Emergence of Application Service Providers

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, 1998; MINOR: Business

“It has been a pleasure having you as a facilitator. I learned a lot and reached the goal I had set for myself.” – Stella

“I have enjoyed your class. Initially I was a little concern about the fast pace and whether I would be able to keep up. After a couple of weeks and getting acclimated to the system I began to settle in. The class did require a lot of work and you challenged us to go beyond our limits. Thank you for being an excellent teacher and for your encouragement.” – Lucille

“Thank you Dr. Spruill for a great semester. I have learned so much. You are a great professor.” – Dana

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