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Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

My passion is to help leaders and emerging leaders develop the four core skills for success in the 21st century. I call it Diamond Formation Leadership – addressing Globalization, Teambuilding, Cultural Sensitivity, and Collaboration!

Keynote Topics: Leadership, Management Skills, Managing Change, Strategic Communications,
Business Training Topics: Conflict Management, Employee Development, Leadership, Managing Change ,

“The Art of becoming a Diamond Formation Leader – the Secret is Balance!

My passion is to help leaders and emerging leaders develop the four core skills for success in the 21st century. I call it Diamond Formation Leadership – addressing Globalization, Teambuilding, Cultural Sensitivity, and Collaboration!

You will be engaged in an energetic, positive, interesting exchange for improvement and new ways to grow. As a catalyst I need a complementary element or group to really achieve the best results. It is my goal to serve as many individuals and members of organizations like you, as I can.

In the last few years my team of experts and I were blessed to have worked with thousands of people at organizations like Bayer, General Electric, State Farm, Boeing, Verizon, Merck helping them through experiential training, coaching, mentoring, Innovation Mapping and workshops that improve their skills and understanding. We use existing content or custom designs to be most helpful for the circumstances our clients experience

I live in San Diego county with my wife

PhD, Leadership, Antioch University Ohio

Dissertation: “The shift in dynamics in long term business coaching relationships”

Master’s Degree Organizational Management, Antioch University Santa Barbara

Bachelors Degree Aviation, AWC Hamburg, Germany

Courses taught by Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

The Art of beocming a “Diamond Formation Leader”

Advanced communication for manager and Leaders (with CEU accredidation) Voice of Leadership

Innovation Mapping (business topics)

Discovery Mapping (sustainability topics)

Marketing Principles and Application

Social Media Marketing in business

Globalization & Sustainability

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Cross-cultural Communication

Collaboration and Marketing in the pharma inndustry

“First, Axel has an impressive grasp on the subject matter of Innovation Mapping. Second, rather than tell the learners what he knows when theyre stuck, he has a way of expertly pulling it out of them. Thats a rare quality in a teacher, and I admire it greatly because its so effective in helping people really get it.”

William Hinsch, President, Learning Visuals LLC

“I have worked with Axel and I have a well rounded perspective on his skills and competencies. He is a fine and competent facilitator. He focuses on accurate delivery of content and masterfully connects with the participants. He is precise yet flexible; detail oriented while seeing the big picture”

Judy Francolini, Professional Facilitator (Pharma)

“I have found myself quite frequently reflecting back on our World Cafe experience and I discovered that the questions posed on our discover maps not only began a snowball chain of thoughts, but it has forced me to change my actions because of the wealth of knowledge I have received. What I learned from these topics has since caused me to become an advocate starting within my own circle of people.I recognize that I am not alone in having preference to this manner of learning; since this is the case, I believe that it would be an excellent proposal for others to adopt this method. Thanks again for the experience of it all.”

Sarah Richardson, Santa Barbara

“Dr. Meierhoefer, as a German having lived in the United States for many years, has the ability to see the two worlds in a different perspective. This perspective regarding the world of start-up and business in general has helped me significantly in my own decision process and ultimate path into self-employment.”

Dr. Barbara Laermann, Principle, IdeaFactory Inc.

“Dr. Meierhoefer provided a lecture during the winter term of the E-Commerce-Strategy-course of the Masters Degree Program in Information Management & Consulting at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany. The topic of the lecture was Social Media Marketing. It showed the history and multiple dimensions of social media marketing, established differences between Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing, and was supported by many examples and trends in this field. The lecture proved that Dr. Meierhoefer is a true expert in the field of Social Media Marketing. In addition, he was able to quickly create rapport with the students and get them excited about this topic. The post lecture feedback was very positive. Even after the lecture, as we continued to remain in contact with each other, Mr. Meierhoefer has demonstrated that he can adjust very quickly to complex questions around Social Media Marketing and draws from his large repertoire of experience in Germany and the United States to provide inspiring answers.”

Dr. Martin Selchert, Prof. Marketing & E-Business, University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim, Germany

“Axel did a masterful job drawing the questions out of the learners without being prescriptive. It was a pleasure and very instructive to watch. The program appeared on the surface to be low-key, but plenty of heat was generated in the minds of people as things progressed. In the traditional classroom setting, it looked like very little was going on, but when I sat down at the tables to discuss the topics with the learners, I was thrilled with the intensity with which they went after the materials.”

Chris Anderson, CEO Anderson Strategy LLC

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