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Douglas Cox

He is a respected business leader and an internationally known motivational speaker and communications consultant. For more than a quarter of a century, his words and ideas have produced results and created positive changes for thousands of companies and individuals alike

Keynote Topics: Communication, leadership,
Business Training Topics: Communication, leadership, team building,

Douglas A. Cox (Performance Evaluations)\n\n“Our city recently presented a seminar for all of our employees. It was intended as a chance to motivate and continue to educate our team. We invited Douglas A. Cox to be our keynote speaker. Doug’s presentation was so much more than just motivation, he was an inspiration. We all came away from the meeting with new and exciting ways to look at our various functions. We added a whole new dimension to our ability to communicate not just with one another but with the people of the city that we serve. Our whole team was enlightened, inspired and thoroughly entertained by Doug Cox.”\n\nJames White, Mayor\n\nCity of Kent\n\nKent, Washington\n\n“Hearing Doug for the first time at a Rotary Club Meeting, I knew he was the man for me! As CEO of our Chamber of Commerce, I am often called upon to find a keynote speaker for our organization. I need to find someone that appeals to a very diverse audience and Douglas Cox does just that, with his dynamic, genuine, and inspirational, personality which he so willingly shares. His presentations before the Chamber and the many sales and business building organizations have been a great success. Doug is a true professional and we are planning on using him whenever the opportunity arises.”\n\nStephanie L. Christiansen\n\nPresident & CEO\n\nBenicia Chamber of Commerce\n\nBenicia, California\n\n“Some years ago, we invited Doug Cox to be our keynote speaker at our first DePasqiale Company retreat. He captivated our audience with real life experiences and proven easy- to-learn methods of how to be more successful. He created the highest standard for all future retreats and speakers to follow. We cried, we laughed, we learned.”\n\nJoseph Mastalia, President\n\nDePasqiale Systems\n\nFair Lawn, NJ\n\n“As an audience member, I received everything I needed to be inspired and entertained at the same time. Doug’s command of the subject matter made every word he said relevant and usable in my day-to-day business dealings. He held my attention for over two hours. No one has ever done that before. This man is definitely skilled and has a gift to communicate exactly what you need to hear.”\n\nPaul W. DiSalvo, President/CEO\n\nInternational Eyewear Division\n\nBausch and Lomb\n\nRochester, NY\n\n“I must say that a lot of my personal success and my great ability to communicate in dealing with others have come from hearing Doug Cox. May Kay Ash once said that ‘most people live and die with their music still un-played because they never dared to try.’ Doug’s abilities as a presenter challenge the audience to ‘play their music’ and to play it loud. Douglas Cox is an eagle. He has a great vision of the universe, the energy to soar high above the crowd, and the gift to share his vision and insights with the world.”\n\nEd Kinney, V. P. Marketing\n\nMonaco Coach Corporation\n\nWakarusa, IN\n\n“I recently flew half way across the country to attend one of Doug Cox’s business seminars and was thoroughly impressed. When Doug walks into the room the whole energy and chemistry changes and you know you are going to see magic. He does not disappoint.”\n\nDavid Olansky, MD\n\nAtlanta, GA\n\n“We used Doug at a recent seminar for our Franchise Owners. Doug did an amazing job of making them feel great about their decision to be a part of our organization and made them glad they chose to join us. We used a five-point evaluation scale, scoring eight different criteria, for our presenters. Doug Cox is the only person that has achieved perfect Five’s on all facets of his presentation. I would whole-heartedly endorse him for any group.”\n\nKelly Huether, President\n\nState Services Systems, Inc.\n\nTulsa, OK\n\n“The spirit that is Doug Cox is unequaled. Whether sitting in a seminar, listening to him on a CD, or being able to talk to him one on one makes no difference. He will send your heart and mind soaring to heights you never believed you could reach. He shares his gentleness, wisdom and the overall knowledge of how to be the most successful you can be. When you feel you have gone as far as you can go he urges you to go a step further and makes you believe that you can do it. He inspires like no one else can. And when you do accomplish what you wanted to accomplish, he is the first to congratulate you and the last to take any credit. Doug is the ultimate motivator, the brightest of stars, the kindest of guiding lights. I loved being in his audience.”\n\nCamille A. DeCarlo\n\nRetired Business Owner\n\nPittsburgh, PA\n\n“I have known Doug Cox for more than 25 years and I have attended many of his speaking engagements. Whether in a huge auditorium speaking to thousands or in a small room with less than a dozen his message is always clear, always entertaining, always new and never boring. His humor makes his presentations memorable. His poignant, emotional points make them unforgettable. He will move you to action and that action will improve your life.”\n\nWayne Hall, President\n\nRDA Pro Mart of Austin\n\nAustin, TX\n\n“I first met Doug Cox over 30 years ago and he still amazes me today. His energy is never ending. Doug gets his message out in a relaxed, easy-to-understand and powerfully inspirational way. Even after all this time, Doug is my “Go To” guy when I need a lift. I often listen to one of his CDs or contact him in person. He has always known how to guide me through life’s challenges. No one has ever motivated or inspired me more.”\n\nPaul Barry, President\n\nBarristar Student Services\n\nNewport Beach, CA\n\n“Doug Cox is a truly remarkable man. His inspirational messages today are on target and are a dose of what our customers really need to hear.”\n\nRyan Hmielewsk, President\n\nAerial, Inc.\n\nMarinette, WI\n\n“I have been inspired by Douglas Cox on many occasions through his entertaining and informative talks. However, once I had the opportunity to finally work with this creative and dynamic speaker I not only found new ways of marketing my business to different industries, but also realized that Douglas Cox is an honest man of integrity who truly lives his message.”\n\nDr. Gregory J. Kaufman\n\nKaufman Chiropractic\n\nBenicia, CA\n\n“No one is better than Doug Cox! Doug has done so much to build my business and create a very loyal customer base. He also has been great at motivating a very veteran sales staff. I’ve seen Doug speak to a small group of individuals plus Keynote a very large audience. He is just as effective for both. He inspires! He causes action!”\n\nBob J. Peel, President\n\nPeel’s Salon Services\n\nHutchison, KA\n\n“Doug’s presentation heightened our attendee ambition level. Customers were buzzing and ready to do business, succeed, plus evolve themselves and their co-workers. However, attendees left with much more than just a sense of ambition, they left with messages from the heart which will impact the rest of their lives. He challenged attendees to remember his messages and work together as a team/family/one.”\n\nLaura Kresl\n\nEvent Coordinator\n\nAerial Company\n\n“When Douglas Cox speaks to his audience it feels like a campfire conversation – stirring, inspiring, informative, and from the heart. He will move you.”\n\nEmmett Hickey, CEO\n\nBeauty First\n\nArlington, TX\n\n“Doug has changed my life and the lives of many of my family members, friends and business associates. His life experiences have afforded him the gift to motivate, inspire and awaken the true self in all of us. I have never been a witness to anyone with the ability to touch the hearts of so many people until I met Doug Cox.\n\nAnge Picone, National Educator\n\nAmerican Crew\n\nLivermore, CA\n\n“From the first day that I met Douglas Cox, I knew there was something special about him. His stories of life and classes on wisdom and caring have impacted my life and influenced my career greatly.”\n\nSheila Zaricor-Wilson\n\nBusiness Owner\n\nMemphis, TN\n\n“Doug Cox is one of the most effective motivational speakers I have ever heard. He speaks from the heart and is able to connect with people of all ages as a human being regardless of the audience’s background.\n\nAntonio M. Nemer, President\n\nInternational American Crew, Inc.\n\nDenver, CO\n\n“Doug Cox is a man of infinite foresight. He sees a success in every problem. He sees an opportunity in every failure.”\n\nMarvin Westmore, President\n\nThe Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts\n\nStudio City, CA\n\n“Doug is an inspiration to all of our customers…from those that are just starting out in our industry to those who have been leading the industry for years. I always know that when I schedule a program with Doug it will be both inspirational and educational. Doug motivated over 4,000 of our customers this past Spring and we are booking him for more and more enlightening experiences. We are looking forward to working with Doug for years to come.”\n\nJennifer Sorensen, Education & Event Coordinator\n\nPeel Supply\n\nOmaha, NE\n\n“I have had the opportunity to witness Doug Cox’s exceptional abilities to relate to, captivate and motivate audiences in any number of fields of professional interest as disparate as institutional insurance workers to celebrity broadcasters and from hairdressers to hotel executives. I’m fully convinced that what he has done for other diverse companies, workforces and professions he can do for virtually anyone no matter what their business.”\n\nDr. Ronald M. DiSalvo, CChem. Csc., FRSC\n\nCosmetological Chemist\n\nMarina Del Rey, CA\n\nAs a marriage and family therapist, I am always searching for seminars and presentations that are inspirational to me, my colleagues and my clients. I recently attended a Douglas A. Cox seminar in Las Vegas and found his presentation to be an extraordinary one. His enthusiasm is contagious and his knack for presenting is refreshingly joyful and profoundly wise. He illuminates the relationship he has with his audience and is a wonderful resource for the human spirit.\n\nRandi Vazquez\n\nLicensed Marriage and family therapist\n\nLas Vegas, NV

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