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Don Thorpe

Certified in the most effective programs including advanced leadership, personal accountability and seven habits of highly effective people. His programs are focused on the art of Business Development, Customer Service and effective business systems.

Keynote Topics: Customer Service, Healthcare,
Business Training Topics: Customer Service, Healthcare, Health,

Keynotes, Training and Consulting on Practical andUseable Concepts That Work!

It’s not all talk, he has actually done it! Don Thorpe is a Customer Experience Expert. For over 25 years, Don has owned and operated a small chain of successful service businesses.

He has been recognized by his franchise peers repeatedly for his group’s accomplishments in Customer Experience, business growth and community service.

He has also served many terms on franchise advisory councils and committees.

Through out the years, Don has researched and studied Customer Experience. He is extremely passionate about the concepts he shares as many have been tested and used in his “lab”; his own businesses. Don uses the skills he has acquired over his career in his speaking and consulting business, Shared Experience Consulting, focused solely on helping organizations build their World Class Customer Experience. Because of his franchise background, he is uniquely qualified to work with franchisees, franchisors and multi unit operations.

Don believes his higher calling in life is to coach, consult, mentor and teach others to help them discover the possibilities in their lives and businesses.

Create—Evangelists, a Sustainable Competitive Advantage and Irrelevant Pricing

Improve—Culture, Morale and Organizational Health

Increase—Retention of Customers and Team Members, Referrals

Customer Experience Keynotes, Experience Design Workshops, Experience Systems Design,

Consulting, Training, Team Member Coaching and Executive Coaching


Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst,

Certified Professional Values Analyst and Certified in TriMetrix through Target Training International.

Certified in the Franklin Covey “4 Roles of Leadership” program.

Certified in the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” program.

Certified trainer in the QBQ! Question Behind The Question Personal Accountability learning program.

Certified Secret Service Agent.

Most recently Don has completed an extensive one year Advanced Leadership Program.

Don uses the skills he has learned over his career to help other business’ achieve greatness with their customer experience and within their teams.

Don believes his higher calling in life is to coach, consult, mentor and teach other business people to help them discover the possibilities in their lives and businesses.

What is Secret Service and why is it Secret?

This revolutionary tool allows organizations to put systems in place that enable them to consistently personalize their customer’s experience, build stronger relationships, increase customer loyalty and ultimately make price irrelevant.

Customer Experience Cycle Workshop

This highly interactive workshop will help your team to design your Customer Experience.

They will define possible service failures, experiential standards that should be executed consistently and the best “Above and Beyond” opportunities at each stage of your Customer Experience Cycle.

“I cannot think of anyone more qualified to consult in the area of customer service. While his peers hoped their staff were providing a good experience, Don made sure, by investing his money in my customer survey services, and his time and expertise in coaching his staff.”

As the provider of a customer survey technology, it was my job to teach my clients how to use satisfaction data to improve their customers’ experience. With Don, I found that he was usually the teacher, and I was the student.”

Jim Boyer Chief Rippler, 801-259-6065

Don has the ability to make you look at things from a perspective you may have not explored. Working with Don is great because he is always willing to share any experience he can to help others grow in the ways that he has grown.

Molly, Minneapolis, MN

When I work with Don, I feel like we are partners trying to find a mutually beneficial outcome. Don always brings everything back to sales and outcomes.

Erika Minneapolis, MN

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