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Debbie Roth Fay

over. As a trainer for an international computer company, Debbie helped hundreds of customers learn to use new technology. With patience and humor, Debbie succeeded in making even the most reticent "student" proficient in a matter of days.

Keynote Topics: Public Speaking, Buisness Writing, Grammar, Customer Service,
Business Training Topics: Public Speaking, Buisness Writing, Grammar, Customer Service,

Public Speaking Coaching: Every interaction between people is, in fact, public speaking. Your ability to communicate clearly and effectively is your most valuable asset. Whether you are terrified of public speaking, uncomfortable speaking to large groups, or completely at ease but not as effective as you’d like to be, I can help. In the past 10 years I have helped people from all ages, walks of life and professions replace fear with exhilaration and ineffectiveness with results.\n\nPresentation Skills: From planning your agenda, to scripting your speech, to creating your visual aids, I know how to build a presentation that connects, sticks, and wins. Why spend the time and energy creating something you don’t feel confident about and the audience doesn’t respond to? Life is to short for boring, flat line presentations. I can show you how to create something you can’t WAIT to share, and your audience will GET.\n\nGrammar for All Levels: Did you know we judge people’s level of intelligence according to their speech? If you don’t know if it’s “between you and me” or “between you and I” you’re not alone. If you’re not sure where apostrophes go, you’re in good company. Unfortunately, this is a majority you don’t want to be part of. In no time at all I can clear up not only these grammatical conundrums, but lots of others as well. And you’ll have fun (yes you will) learning them. Climb aboard the Brainiac Bus and waive goodbye to bad grammar forever.\n\nCustomer Service Skills: As we’re all aware, these days customer service is so low as to be virtually non existent. This is actually good news for the savvy business person. If you are providing exceptional customer service at a time when others are lagging miles behind, you have set yourself up to win and win big. Together we can look at what both sides of the customer service coin look like, implement powerful positive practices, and send you off to put them in place.

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