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Dawn Antonis

She has 25 years of international public speaking experience, as well as providing training workshops, program development, consulting, and meeting facilitation. Her events motivate, inspire and provide tangible skills to improve employee effectiveness and productivity.

Keynote Topics: Corporate Creativity, Retail Sales, Retail Service,
Business Training Topics: Communication, Corporate Creativity, Customer Service,

Dawn Antonis is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer and executive coach. She has over 25 years of international public speaking experience, as well as providing training workshops, program development, consulting, and meeting facilitation.

The approach she has used has been to provide clients with the skills sets that they need to gain a competitive edge. She believes that competitive advantage today resides in the ability of organizations to generate the competitive landscape, by focusing on employee growth and development.

By creating talent pools within organizations, including strong management and leadership, she has helped many organizations become stronger, more effective, and more productive.

She has been a facilitator and speaker for over 25 years, for many industries, including Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Financial Services. She is an expert facilitator, trainer, and motivational speaker.

Her programs include powerful Leadership seminars, Project Management, Selling and Negotiating Skills, Change Management, Communication Styles and Skills, Quality Programs, including CMM and ISO, Customer Service, Business and Client Relationships and 1-1 Executive Coaching.

Dawn is also a Certified Silva Method Instructor, and teaches a creative problem solving program, the Silva Method: Focused Thinking Program.

The Silva Method program is a unique, scientifically-proven process consisting of sixteen mind-directing exercises.

Companies use the Silva Method to increase productivity, sales and profits, strengthen employee communication, loyalty and responsibility, decrease accidents and absenteeism, cut medical costs, and reduce employee sick days.

Dawn has provided speaking, training, and coaching services to varied clients, such as Bristol Meyers Squibb, Accenture, Pfizer, and the University of Medicine and Dentistry.

Before embarking on a successful consulting career, she worked for such organizations as Schering-Plough, Accenture, iNautix Technologies, and The Capital Markets Company. She has been the keynote speaker and motivational speaker for these and other clients. She is also a published author, and was a Presenter at the Fourth Annual Research Summit in Baltimore.

She is also available to write speeches, develop content or even help you use today’s technology to help you reach your global employees!

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, May 1988

University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Master of Arts, Psychology, January 2016

Creative Problem Solving –

A unique program to help your employees develop skills to allow them to find new approaches to solving problems. These tools will increase their productivity, sales and profits.

The benefits include: Strengthen employee communication, loyalty and responsibility; Decrease accidents and absenteeism; cut medical costs; and reduce employee sick days.

Selling and Negotiating Skills – How well can your team sell? Are weaknesses in closings hurting your bottom line? Do your sales people no the best approaches to negotiating?

This program can ensure your team has the skills to be successful in this changing market. Being an Agent of Change – The only thing guaranteed about change is that it will keep coming. Are your employees prepared? Will they be able to handle the changing corporate environment and the face pace that you need? Todays economy requires that your team be nimble and adaptive to ensure your goals are met.

Management and Supervisory Skills – Develop the management and leadership skills that your environment needs to give you the edge. Newly promoted? Growth? New hires? Recent organizational changes require that your new management team has the skills needed to take your company to the next level.

Leadership – What defines a great leader? Executives need to be more that great business people. They need to motivate, challenge and strategically align their corporations to achieve that competitive advantage. Learn what great leaders are made of.

Customer Service – In this market, customer service can longer be brushed aside. Gaining the loyalty of your clients can make your organization strong. Losing that can hurt your bottom line. Learn the newest techniques for resolving customer concerns, while making them feel important.

Business and Relationship Marketing – How do you gain the business edge by developing long term relationships? Targeting new clients, retaining current clients and expanding existing business – is the client relationship. Proactively managing the relationship by will allow you to deepen your relationship with your client, and more firmly entrench your business into their organization and ensure their loyalty.

Oral Communication Skills – You may have the greatest ideas, but if you cannot communicate them, no one will ever know. These skills are critical, and range from speaking in front of groups, to listening, to using stories to convey deeper meaning.

Train-the-Trainer – Whether it’s to one or one hundred, you may be called upon to train people. This program teaches practical and hands on techniques to give you the skills needed to engage and excite any crowd.

“Powerful!” – James Browning, Accenture (Formerly Anderson Consulting), Worldwide “I will always remember what she said, Quality starts with me!”- Allison Parker, Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals, New Jersey “That was the best seminar I have been to!” – Brian Keffer, Univeristy of Medicine and Denstistry, New Jersey

“I didn’t want the speech to end. I was so pumped up when it was over, though!” – Linda Pogliania, JP Morgan Banking Associates, New York

“Dawn’s weekly coaching keeps me motivated and focused” – Michelle Miller, Pershing Companies, New Jersey

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