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Craig Bodoh

Energetic facilitator with over 20 years experience as "The Timeman". Expertise in time management quoting, that it “really doesn't exist”. Instead he practices "self-management" techniques and applicable skills to all his clients.

Keynote Topics: Time Management, Balance/Career, Goal Achievement,
Goal Achievement, Stress Management, Time Management,

Versatile keynote speaker, business trainer and consultant.

Energetic facilitator with over 20 years experience as “The Timeman”.

If you want to gain more time in your life you need to change just a few things.

Managing and thriving in a crazy world is a challenge, but very doable.  He advocates that time management really is an oxymoron.  Something that really doesn’t exist. Instead he teaches “self-management” techniques and applicable skills with all his clients.

Craig has practical experience putting many techniques into application that deliver results fast.

His background managing three different careers, time management trainer and coach, nationally recognized figure skating coach and accomplished church musician. 

He also contributes his time and knowledge to many organizations as a volunteer.

“Making the Most of Your Time”

“Working Smart With Time to Spare”

“Goal Setting 101”

“Time management for Working with Everyone Else”

“The Sane Person’s Guide to a Crazy World”

“How to Achieve Your Goals Without the Ruby Sleepers”

“I’ve been through this type of workshop before—didn’t expect so many new ideas and useful tips, especially in such a short time frame.”

“…made me evaluate my problems, and offered ways to fix them by changing my habits.”

“…gave me specific tools and steps to improve.”

“Well organized and energetic approach.”

“Excellent suggestions for areas I wanted to address!”

“I felt very much connected with speaker—felt comfort and peace as he shared.”

“Practical tips, friendly, competent, relaxed presentation style. I especially enjoyed the assessment tools and commitment sheet at the end.”

“The facilitator creates an easy friendly environment to be yourself.”

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