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Christopher Babson

Thrill your ownership, executives and line staff with one of Chris' game-changing keynotes or seminars. 

Keynote Topics: Communication, Train the Trainer Course,
Business Training Topics: Communication, Role Models and Behavior, Womens Issues,

Thrill your ownership, executives and line staff with one of Chris’ game-changing keynotes or seminars.

See what Steve Forbes & Brian Tracy have to say about Chris’ upcoming book on Peak Performance and Success:

“A how-to-get-ahead book based on the author’s real world experiences that is just what we need in these difficult times.” ~ STEVE FORBES – Chairman, Forbes Media

“This powerful, practical book shows you a proven system to build an extraordinary life, accomplish all your goals…” ~ BRIAN TRACY – NY Times Bestselling Author of more than 50 books

The experience & expertise Chris offers your clients:

– The Leadership & Management Savvy of a Fortune-20 Vice President

– The Passion, Vision & Energy of an Entrepreneurial CEO (Chris sold his first company, Billing Management Group)

– The Presence & Entertainment of a New York Stage, Film & TV Actor: including a role on the #1 TV show in the world

Chris looks forward to working together, thrilling your entire team and being an important part of taking your organization to the next level and beyond. — Cheers!

Highlights from Chris’ career include:

– An MBA from Purdue University’s Top-20 business school

– Twelve years as a relationship manager, corporate analyst/credit underwriter and business development officer in corporate banking and finance, including GE Capital Commercial Finance when Jack Welch ran GE and Wells Fargo’s highly respected Commercial Bank when Dick Kovacevich ran the bank

– Sourced, underwrote or managed over $1-billion in commercial credit relationships and business

– Founded, grew and sold a medical billing company with no prior industry experience

– Holds a BA from UCLA (Magna Cum Laude)

He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in N.Y.C. for three years He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity Association & American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Chris is the author of three books and is working on his fourth:

1) BOLD! – The 6 Laws of Success – Lead, Succeed & Get What You Want in Life

2) ZoneFlow – Peak Performance & Success System and

3) BREAKOUT PRESENTATIONS, “WOW!” People with Persuasive Power in Business and Life

He’s also the author of the soon to be published book on Leadership He has studied & consulted in Lean Management, Project Management & Six Sig

MBA – Purdue University’s Top-20 Business School

BA – UCLA’s Top-10 Political Science School

American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC

Project Management Professional – RMJ

Commercial Finance Underwriting School

GE Capital, Wells Fargo’s Commercial Bank

Certified Medical Biller – American Medical Billing Association

Peak Performance Leadership

Want to lead with the business savvy of a Fortune-20 Vice President, the passion, energy and vision of an Entrepreneurial CEO & the dynamic charisma and communication skills of a successful stage actor?

Chris is a recognized expert in these professional skill sets and he will show you how to break through your limitations and tap into your most dynamic leadership potential.

Thirteen years as a Vice President in world class Fortune-20 companies (including Jack Welch’s brilliant GE Capital) twelve years as a successful entrepreneur/CEO and seven years as a professional actor in New York and Los Angeles (including a role on the #1 TV show) provided Chris with the best possible training for world-class leadership.

Key Skills Mastery Promise (partial list)

– Master V3/P5: Vision, Values, Velocity, Presence, Passion, Positivity, People, Performance

– Leaders must first lead whom? Themselves. Learn to operate each day from sheer brilliance – Build & energize a dynamic, focused culture of passionate leaders

– The 6 keys to creating passionate buy-in to you, your vision & your mission

– Identify & annihilate the 5 most common leadership mistakes & obstacles

– Gain mastery over the 7 C’s of Leadership Success

– The 18 behaviors that create a culture of trust, accountability and exceptionalism

Charisma: Influence Through Communication

Communication is the foundation of leadership success. You are ALWAYS communicating. You are ALWAYS influencing. Unfortunately, most of your influence is not what you intend, desire and need.

Key Skills Mastery Promise (partial list)

– Craft and energize common values, vision and energy in your team

– Develop rapport and influence that inspire others to always give 100%

– Stand out from your peers in your ability to inspire, influence and lead others

– Begin mastery of communication, whether one-on-one or in front of large groups

– Understand, practice and make instinctive the 3 P’s and 3 V’s of brilliant communication

– Practice and begin perfection of the ability to tell a story (the most powerful communication device available)

– Learn the art of leading through questions and stories, rather than commands and directives

Character, Accountability and Trust

Make politics and self-serving, self-limiting mind-sets and behaviors a thing of the past. Craft a culture of passionate, focused, on-fire leaders who always do the right thing for the team, organization and customer.

Key Skills Mastery Promise (partial list)

– A team aware of, focused on and committed to service and peak performance

– Craft a culture of difference making leaders – Together, we will cultivate community, cooperation and collaboration

– People will access and own their “Why” in work. “Why” what they do is a core value to them

– Learn and practice the 18 behaviors that build trust

Peak Performance & Success Mastery System

Break through the boundaries that currently constrain you or your organization and limit your success. Reach your greatest human and organizational potential. In this seminar, you will learn how to passionately live and perform at consistently peak levels of focus, purpose, energy and results. You will walk away from this seminar with a state of the art operating system. You will EXPLODE through previous barriers of energy, passion, performance and outcomes. GUARANTEED.

Key Skills Mastery Promise (partial list)

– Accelerate mastery in the science & art of peak performance, purpose, fulfillment & success

– Massively boost your focus, energy, passion and results- personally & professionally

– 3 simple tools to use each day to actualize your greatest purpose, performance & results

Learn and master the 6 Pillars of Success

– Identify and destroy what currently holds you back from consistently performing & succeeding to your greatest potential

Breakout Presentations

– WOW! Your Audience in Business & Life

Own your stage and Wow! your audience, whether employees, bosses, prospects or customers.

All businesses thrive and succeed or flounder and fail based on communication: internal and external; formal and informal. Learn how to own your stage and flat-out WOW! in this world-class speech and presentation training.

Key Skills Mastery Promise (Partial List)

– Learn to craft & deliver stories that draw your audience in and capture their imaginations & hearts – Communicate with clarity, charisma, persuasion & purpose – Own your stage: Exude power and presence with your voice & body – Wow! your audience with your dynamic energy, persuasive skills

Today was exceptional. I am walking away with a great deal of knowledge & I am excited to employ what I’ve learned.”

~April, Administrator, Pacific Mobile

“Your presentation was motivating, entertaining and fun, yet filled with powerful tools to use in our work and lives. You broke through barriers with your positive, energy-giving wisdom. Thank you for blowing away my expectations. I highly recommend Chris as a speaker or coach for your conference.”

~John Cyprus, CEO, Ameritec

“You’ll be happy to know that I am applying your tools and the results are FANTASTIC. The results haven’t been limited to my work. Even my wife has noticed a positive change and is eager to take one of your public seminars herself.”

~ Dylan Gittleman, Vice President, IBM

“Chris had a wealth of studies and stories that were both entertaining and relevant. He had tons of valuable leadership advice. Can’t wait to apply it.”

~ Amethyst, Division Manager

“Chris is Awesome!! He is very candid, I love his style!! I truly enjoyed this training!! He kept us engaged.”

~ Rosh, GameStop, Inc. Corporate: Customer Care Supervisor

“His lighthearted and sincere speaking style is both engaging and inspiring. He quickly grabs the audience and holds their attention with his wit and wisdom. He offers real tools for transformation… Chris has the ability to bring about true change, inspiring people to set goals, live them, and ultimately achieve unlimited results.”

~ Joanne Nall, President, Nall Associates

“Chris gave me great tools for motivating my people.”

~ Dina, Manager, San Jose Public Utilities

“Inspiring. Opens your eyes to the amount of opportunities that are out there to become a better leader.

~ Steven, Manager, DeltaStar Technologies

“It was very motivating. An awesome seminar. I really enjoyed the training and can’t wait to use what I learned at work.”

~ Mike M., Department Manager, Perennials

“Chris’ speech and breakout group were truly inspiring, motivational and packed with real-life tools we can and will use in business as well as in our daily lives. I’m already a successful person, but now feel like I’ve only just begun and am excited about the future .”

~Chantal Niven, Executive Producer, Green Isle Films

”Chris did a wonderful job explaining different leadership & management situations. Very helpful tips. Now I just have to go back and apply everything he taught me!”

~ Esther, Team Manager, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

“Chris’ training was eye opening & energetic. He kept everyone involved & made us all comfortable to speak openly.”

~Jeff, Supervisor, City of Fremont, CA

“It’s going to benefit me professionally and personally. I didn’t expect that. BONUS!!!”

~ Julie, Supervisor, City of Santa Clara

“Chris is knoweldgable and has a lot of humor. The discussion was lively and he created and environment that made the seminar incredibly enjoyable, aside from the valuable leadership and motivation tools we learned.

~ Engracia, Accounting Manager, Fidelity Material

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