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Chris Jennings

No more excuses: This seminar opens the door to cutting-edge alternatives that immediately boost sales and break sales records.

Keynote Topics:
Business Training Topics:Leadership, Sales, Performance management

If you’re a CEO who’s tired of hearing excuses from your sales staff or a program chair whose audience are business owners and sales people struggling to grow their business, this talk will open the door to cutting-edge alternatives that boost sales and break records.

You’ll leave this eye-opening presentation with an innovative, alternative approach to sales, knowing why Sandler Sales Institute’s motto is: “Don’t stop until the miracle happens…

Your best sales years are ahead of you!”

Break the Rules and Close More Sales.

Referrals and Introductions: Why Don’t I get More?

Success Triangles: Proven Strategies for Business Development.

Drowning in Headtrash: 5 Ways to Sales Success.

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