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Al Arnold

Master in Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making at work. 30 years experiences as a Supervisor and on the County Board in local government.

Keynote Topics:
Business Training Topics:Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Meetings, Politics

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making


County Board Supervisor with 30 years of local government experience resulted in the book “Why Your City Council Makes Dumb Decisions and What You Can Do About It.”

An informative and entertaining look how decisions are made at the local level of politics.

Grassroots political training for all ages and abilities!

Informative – Interactive

Educational – Entertaining

University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire


School of Hard Knocks.

Two term County Board Supervisor – Barron County, WI.

Political Lobbyist – Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin

Meetings 101 – How to Relieve the Anguish of Meetings


From creating the agenda to “Motion to Adjourn” how it should be done.

1) The best decisions are reached on an issue when meetings are well organized and professionally conducted.

2) Rules are needed to level the playing field for all involved in the decision making process.

3) It takes practice to get good at meetings just like anything else in this world.

4) Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Today’s opponent on one issue may be your best friend on the next issue.

Political Leadership in the Workplace and Beyond.

Developing the Next Generation of Political Leaders. I’m a politician and darn proud of it. You can be too!

1) The need for quality candidates exceeds supply.

2) People from all backgrounds are needed.

3) Starting at the bottom is easy.

4) If not you … Who?

Grassroots Politics 101 – Just Be a Good Citizen

The basic training course in political involvement. Appropriate for all ages and political interests. Learn the benefits of political involvement including…

1) Better government through involvement.

2) Civility in political discourse.

3) Respect between elected officials and constituents.

4) Political leadership identified.

Local Politics 101 – How to Fight City Hall

Politics is a game. Play to win.

1) Play by the Rules.

2) Build the winning team.

3) Develop your game plan.

4) Determine the tactics needed to win.

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