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Carole Douglis

Carole has coached executives, scientists, and other staff on three continents. She has provided communication expertise to UNICEF, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Worldwatch Institute, the World Bank, African Wildlife Foundation, Academy for Educational Development, Chemonics, PACT International, and many more.

Keynote Topics: Creativity & Innovation, Communication, Employee Relations,
Business Training Topics: Humor, Communication, Business Gurus and Visionaries, Business Writing,

Carole's highly practical, humorous, interactive workshops include:\n\nWriting to Win\n\nSupercharged Presentations\n\nMasterful Media Interviews\n\nTelling the Story of Your Work: Case Studies and Success Stories\n\nCommunication to Change Behavior\n\nPlayshops: Creativity and Communication.\n\nNeeds assessments ensure that each workshop is crafted to meet your specific needs. Together we agree on follow-up to maximize your new skills.\n\nFor the most time-effective solutions, executives may also opt for individualized media training, speech and writing coaching.

“I’ve seen Carole work with the terrified, the wooden, the mumbling. After a session or two, they look and sound like entirely different beings—confident, authoritative, and expressive. Anyone who wants to make better presentations in public would find Carole’s professionalism and enthusiasm a real boost to their effectiveness.” Communications Director, Washington, DC\n\n“Carole is truly a pro at coaching people to express themselves fully and comfortably.” Federal official, Washington, DC\n\n“Trainer had excellent and positive energy, superb leadership style, a lot of substance with a light touch, and NO condescension…."\n\n“Superb—great discussions. Made it relevant to each of us”\n\n“I expected to learn new skills. What I didn’t realize was that it would be so much fun!”\n\n“Splendid! A useful and wonderful workshop….”\n\n“This is the best class I’ve ever taken. Carole’s a terrific teacher.”\n\n“Terrific!... The facilitator is a natural artist…entertaining, friendly and humorous.”\n\n“Lively and exciting…”\n\n“Professional and indispensable…”

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