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Solarzar Steven Dellaporta

His journey of leadership, customer service, creativity, goal-planning, presentation skills, and magic is based on being there. From a high school dropout to the Principal of a publicly-traded company specializing in computer systems design and development, he has a wealth of experience that he shares in his powerful, life-changing presentations. Call for more information

Keynote Topics: Presentation Skills, Humor, Goal Achievment, Communication,
Business Training Topics: Creativity, Goal-planning, Presentation Skills,

1. Leadership MagicTM\n\nThis powerful, entertaining journey brings out and enhances our natural leadership skills.\n\n2.Customer Service MagicTM\n\nThis entertaining, attitude changing session shows us to be Customer Services A-C-Es through attitude and communication.\n\n3. Alchemy of SuccessTM\n\nThis entertaining and magical presentation shows us how to achieve anything we want through a step by step planning process that works.\n\n4. Presentation Skills for the Anxiety Ridden and the Mildly PhobicTM\n\nThis entertaining session of magic makes giving presentations playful not fearful.\n\n5. A Magical Journey/Non-Verbal CommunicationTM\n\nThese entertaining journeys of audience participation magic, myth and mindreading reminds us that magic does exist and it is already within us.

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