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Sandra Ford Walston

Sandra Ford Walston is featured on the speaker circuit as witty, provocative, concrete and insightful. She is a bestselling author, leadership development consultant, coach and communication expert. She has sparked positive change in the lives of thousands of senior leaders and aspiring cohorts.

Keynote Topics: Leadership, Motivation and Inspiration, Women's Issues,
Business Training Topics: Time Management, Communication, Myers-Briggs Training®, Enneagram,

Time Management: How Preferences Affect the Way You Work Courageous Leadership—An INside Job! Communication Preferences: How to Communicate with People from another Planet Women Working with Courage—How to Claim It, Apply It and Rely on It at Work Who Am I in the Work Environment—Inserting the Value of the MBTI® The Enneagram: An Introduction of Nine Ways of Living and Working

Comments from Regional CPA firm on “Time Management: How Innate Preferences Affect the Way You Work”: Sandra’s class was unique in that it was presented so that all of the firm members were actively involved versus a typical program where the presentation is PowerPoint driven and people tune out (especially after lunch). Some of our team members’ comments included: • “I have never attended a professional education class like Sandra’s and this is criticism in a good way. If I were to think of one word that described the class ‘Dazzled’ comes to mind.” Comments from “Leadership in Excellence” Program (East Lansing, MI 2014-2017) “Sandra spoke on ‘Courageous Leadership—An INside Job!’ to two different audiences. Sandra and I, Senior Human Resources Training and Development Specialist, worked together to formulate an impactful message of courage and leadership. It was Sandra’s twenty years of original research and thorough knowledge of the discussion that made this possible and the session successful. Her boundless energy, commitment to quality, enthusiasm and passion for life are authentic and are not just there on the days of training, but begin way back on the first initial contact in January and continued throughout the development process. Sandra was simply a pleasure to work with and I absolutely look forward to having her return next year and beyond. Thank you Sandra for a job well done!” Comments from University of Denver “Who Am I in the Work Environment—Inserting the Value of the MBTI®”: • “Excellent examples! Sandra kept my attention the entire time; I did not look at the clock hourly! Sandra has great energy-I look forward to taking future courses with her.” Comments from the Business Opportunity Council (BOC): “The Business Opportunity Council would like to acknowledge and thank Sandra Ford Walston, The Courage Expert, for her inspirational and thought-provoking keynote – ‘Courageous Leadership – An INside Job!’ delivered at the Business Opportunity Council’s Annual Holiday Luncheon. She was encouraging, focused, and exceptionally knowledgeable, and engaged our members in a lively discussion about courageous leadership. No matter what role you possess, from employee to employer there will be times you need to step up and lead and Sandra’s extensive research on the topic of courageous leadership proved useful and applicable to our audience. Sandra definitely met our expectations! Sandra was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her as a motivational speaker to any group.”

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