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Ronnie Kovach


Keynote Topics: Motivation, Sales and Marketing, Team Building and Coaching,
Business Training Topics: Communication, Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Sales Training,

Winners Are Created Not Born! The adage thoughts become things so aptly applies when it comes to developing a true, authentic winner's mindset;. A winner in business thinks only success! While others become laden with thoughts of fear, of failure and ultimate defeat, the winning business person consistently remains focused with laser-like intensity on the objectives and the goals of the corporation. His highly focused winning mindset requires practice to manifest and to maintain. Learn the secrets to internalizing the on-going winning manifesto from Ronnie Kovach, one of the most diverse and accomplished businessmen in the country. Time to Re-Create: No More Job-Burnout! One of the foremost maladies plaguing corporate America is job burnout. This is reflected in everything from absenteeism and illness to addiction and ultimately in reduced company productivity. Too many business people have become mired into simply doing a job. It is time to re-examine and re-invent the nature of work to conceptualize it as an activity that inspires and enriches the employee - from the clerk to the executive. Master the process of "re-creating" yourself in the workplace by applying tried and tested strategies devised by long-time corporate executive, Ronnie Kovach, who has practiced personal re-creation as part of his success strategy. Awesome Branding = Awesome Profits So often self-starting entrepreneurs and new companies begin by conceptualizing a novel product or service. That's the good news, as they say. However, later, these wonderful, innovative products fail to generate sales in the marketplace. More often than not, this is due to limited or faulty marketing, advertising and promotional efforts, which fail to communicate the brand to the consumer.\n\nRonnie Kovach is a "master brander." He has worked on the inception of such footwear brands as Nike, Nevados, Eurostar, as well as recreational properties and travel destinations such as Irvine Lake, Queen Charlotte Safaris Lodge, and Kingfisher Charters. Exceptional branding is an art and a crucial aspect of effective marketing. Learn the insiders' secrets to successfully launching a new brand, and how even limited resources may boost your product's market placement.\n\n\n\nAhh Men! The Lure of Passionate Leadership\n\nEvery business & corporation on earth wants leaders with vision and passion – and when lacking, the overarching tendency is to look for answers from the outside man. World-class adventurer, speaker and entrepreneur Ronnie Kovach has developed a unique approach – and singular system – that vividly demonstrates how all the solutions and breakthroughs are within each of us – not out there somewhere. Participants are inspired to truly understand the value – and the secrets – of Passionate Leadership in their lives!\n\nThe audience will be introduced to a highly strategic system designed specifically for men's success. Learn dynamic techniques to move beyond all barriers, resistances and fears that seem to have been holding you back. Finally let go of old "baggage" that has kept you from uncovering your true potential, and begin the authentic shift from a humdrum life to one of manifestation and co-creation. This presentation will reveal clearly the inner game of corporate culture and help participants discover conscious, powerful ways to move up the corporate ladder.\n\n\n\nSales Prevention: It's All in Your Mind!"\n\nThat's right – we are talking about actually preventing sales in your company. Many employees - from file clerks to corporate officers – fail to realize how much of their own thinking and ensuing behavior actually thwarts and restricts the potential for sales and profits.\n\nRonnie Kovach has worked as both a powerful corporate officer as well as an outside consultant, specializing in recognizing "sales prevention" fro struggling businesses and remedying it. He will demonstrate that despite challenging economic conditions, resulting in more restrictive marketing and advertising potential, immense profits are being lost when employees fail to understand their own role in perpetuating a sad corporate mantra of doom and gloom. Let Ronnie show you how to stop sales prevention now.

"Ronnie carries his passion for sports into his presentation style. The listener knows that he has a message in which he believes!" \n\nKaren D. Bowerman PhD, DeanCollege of Business Administration, CSUSB\n\n\n\n“Not only is he a world-class fisherman, Ronnie is a world-class speaker! Whether it is to small groups or large audiences, Ronnie knows how to engage, excite, and motivate his audience. In our company, no one delivers the message we want better than Ronnie.”\n\nCraig Levra, Chairman and CEO Sport Chalet, Inc.\n\n\n\n“Ron Kovach has been chosen to be a leading speaker at the Business Expo Center. He has a passion for life and business and can articulate that formula to others. We look for ward to working with Ron to help others become passionate leaders.” \n\nJim Shab Founder, Business Expo Center\n\n\n\n“This is 5- S tar material! You have done a wonderful job for us! Your seminar has people talking f or along, long time!”\n\nDoug Traub, President – Lake Havasu Visitors Bureau\n\n\n\n"The Center for Spiritual Living, Westlake Village, was recently graced with the presence of Ronnie Kovach. His history, his journey, and his ultimate reconciliation with all things childhood-centered delighted his audience. Everyone there of his generation was particularly struck by the idea that some of us were raised by “unskilled” parents. He is articulate, conversational, incredibly descriptive in his presentation style, and we look forward to having him back at some later date."\n\nRev. Dr. Maureen Hoyt - Church of Religious Science, Westlake Village\n\n\n\n“Ron Kovach has a powerful message to share based on his own healing journey from a childhood of severe abuse to a successful but compassionate warrior for worthy causes as an avid sportsman and media personality. An inspiring man whose message will resonate with man.”\n\nMatthew Fox, Bestselling Author

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