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Dr Ronald Marquardt


Founder and President of MVP Seminars and has been lecturing since 1980. His humorous, common-sense methods, personal experience, and outstanding presentation skills have created SuperStar presentations. He holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology from UC Berkeley and is the Management "Guru" to many Fortune 500 CEOs. MVP Seminars Speaker/Trainer: Team-Building & Coaching, Stress-Management & Survival Skills, Management & Leadership Skills, Exceptional Customer Service, and California Sexual Harassment.

Keynote Topics: Stress Management, Team Building, Leadership, Sexual Harassment,
Business Training Topics: Team Building, Communication, Leadership, Human Resources, Sexual Harassment,

Years ago, Dr. Ron had a breakthrough vision. The same basic skills that create winning athletic teams can be applied directly to improving your business.

Like any great coach, Ron will improve teamwork, polish leadership skills and enhance communication. His seminars & keynote presentations are sprinkled with constructive and humorous real life stories about managers, famous coaches, and CEOs, many with whom, either Ron consults with, or played for. In just a short time you will learn the secrets that some business professionals never learn in a lifetime.

Throughout Ron’s extensive football career he played for an astounding 7 different head coaches. Some were stressed-out failures, many were mediocre and a few achieved professional greatness in the NFL; a pattern very similar to the many managers and supervisors in the world of business. Let Dr. Ron help you achieve success like the pros.

Dr. Ron Marquardt is the ultimate authority in combining these exciting topics. He is the Founder and President of MVP Seminars and has been lecturing since 1980. His humorous, common-sense methods, personal experience, and outstanding presentation skills have created Super star presentations.

The Management “Guru” to many Fortune 500 CEOs.

California and Hawaii Secondary Teaching Credentials.

Doctorate in Ed. Psychology – University of Calif. @ Berkeley, (Go-Bears !!!!!!!!) Over 28 Years of corporate training & speaking experience.

** Author of “Surviving Corporate America”


B. of Ed. U. of Hawaii, Full Athletic scholarship …Go Rainbows !

Calif. & Hawaii state secondary teaching credentials

Doctorate, U. of Calif. @ Berkeley, (Ed. Psych). . . . Four year academic scholarship/Fellowship …………Go-Bears !!!!!!

American College of Sports Medicine, Fel

low & member since 1983


Team-Building and Coaching for managers and supervisors

Stress-Management and Survival Skills for the Corporate Professional

Management & Leadership Skills

Exceptional Customer Service

California Sexual Harassment Certification Workshops


Interview for Village Profile, Chicago, June 2007. They are considered the Wall St. Journal of the Chicago area.. . . . .Reprints, please contact

Customizing courses to a client’s needs is not the standard when it comes to continuing education, business training and seminar presentations in corporate America. MVP Seminars, co-owned by Dr. Ron Marquardt, who also has a Doctorate in Ed.Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, was created after grad. school, in response to this lack of individualized training available to businesses. As a self-employed speaker for over 25 years,

Dr. Ron (as he prefers to be addressed) was frustrated with the traditional speaker bureaus.“I knew I could do a better job and deliver a better product with better people than the larger companies. We started small but have really grown over the past year. We recognize that we are only as good as our speakers and we have really added some fantastic speakers this past year throughout the country,” commented Dr. Ron.

Dr. Ron obviously understands the importance of quality training to an organization’s bottom line. Every business training seminar offered through MVP Seminars is developed and delivered by a speaker with a significant amount of knowledge in their field. Many speakers work in their field daily and develop courses with the goal of helping others excel. Some of the more popular business training seminars include: Team Building and Leadership, Leadership for Women, and How to Become a Great Communicator.

“These courses are of a higher quality because they are personally developed by professionals who have a personal investment in their success or failure,” Dr. Ron said. In fact, each course can be customized to address an organization’s needs based on information and materials that are provided in advance. Additionally, MVP Seminars offers customized course notebooks, a post-program evaluation, and a free, six-month follow-up monitoring program. Affordable and unique, MVP Seminars is a great example of why an organization should do its homework before deciding on an educational training solution.

” I was skeptical. . . Never again!! This seminar on Team-building will achieve superstar status. The results are more than worth the price of admission. Great value & presentation.” . . . . . . Jeff Banks-Sales Manager & Former NFL Player, Oakland, Calif.

“A superbly motivating seminar & training workshop. Dr. Marquardts athletic & academic background make him the perfect choice to motivate your corporate team to greater profits & productivity.”. . . . . . . . John Ralston, Retired Head Football Coach, Stanford University, & Denver Broncos

“I have attended several seminars on business related topics (by different companies), & came away from them believing they were a waste of time. Dr. Rons workshop on Stress-Management reaffirmed my faith that they are NOT a waste of time & money. Excellent presentation skills & knowledge.” . . . . . . . . . . . Keith Provost, Grubb & Ellis Real Estate, Chicago, Illinois. General Manager

” I left with a renewed confidence & look forward to implementing the styles & techniques in the workplace. . . . Excellent!!!! Sexual Harassment Training Seminar, Terry L. Thomas, Time Management, Inc.

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