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Robert Elliott

Robert Elliott is a talented and experienced keynote speaker, communication trainer and motivator. His ability to express difficult concepts in simple language, and his outstanding capacity to work with people at different skill levels, make him a natural to lead a communication course.

Keynote Topics: Attitude Problems in the Workplace, Leadership, Business,
Business Training Topics: Team Building, Leadership, Supervisor Training, Manager Training, Business Writing,

Robert Elliott is a talented and experienced keynote speaker, motivator speaker and business communication trainer.

His ability to express difficult concepts in simple language, and his outstanding capacity to work with people at different skill levels, make him a natural to lead a communication course.

Robert’s program explores the entire range of interactions necessary for effective communication:

Including improving leadership skills

Personal speaking style filled with warmth and good-natured humor

Robert’s unique presentation methods inspire confidence in yourself and your ability to communicate across your organization.

Drawing upon his broad background in the communication field, Robert Elliott facilitates his material and real-life examples gathered from many different sources.

This includes over 20 years conducting leadership, communication, and team building programs to a wide-range of Fortune 500 companies, as well as, smaller businesses in technology, health care, education, insurance, entertainment, and manufacturing.

 Additionally Robert has worked in government with federal and state agencies, the military, law enforcement, and county and city governments.

Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Political Science

University of California at Berkeley Masters of Fine Arts

Leadership Coach to Fortune 500 Executives

California Community Colleges Instructor Credential

Creating Quality Leadership What are the attributes of quality leadership? How do we lead so our coworkers, supervisors, and customers will want to follow? Quality leaders know what they want to accompllish and can articulate it clearly to their team and superiors. They promote a work environment where everyone can learn, not merely perform. They lead with all of their capacities to move their organization forward. Drawing on examples from your life and work experience, research on leadership, and thought-provoking and experiential classroom activities, this course offers key principles and proven strategies guaranteed to give participants the confidence and know-how to successfully practice the art of authentic leadership. Leading and Motivating Employees All supervisors and managers--especially those newly responsible for directing the work of others--can become change agents if they understand the role of the "leader." To develop this understanding, you must start with an awareness of your own communication style and how it affects others, as well as develop an appreciation for the different ways people approach work and are motivated to achieve. This seminar focuses on leading as a means to affect change and accomplish desired results. Participants learn to assess and understand their individual styles and behaviors, and then analyze how these attributes can be harnessed in a leadership role. The seminar also examines powerful methods for motivating employees. Communication in a Diverse and Changing Workplace In today's fast-paced business environment, employees at all levels find themselves being asked to handle more tasks, meet more deadlines, take on more responsibililties, and adapt to more change. Added to these challenges is the constantly shifting diversity of the workplace, where coworkers cope with generational, gender, age, and cultural differences. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is at the foundation of everything we do and say, and is especially important in the modern workplace. The good news is that communication is a learned skill, and can be improved upon with the right training. The focus of this course is to heighten participants' awareness of workplace communication, and add new interpersonal skills, with the end result of becoming a more competent communicator overall. Optimal Conflict Resolution Do you want to successfully resolve professional disputes with confidence? Have you ever wished for a way to experience conflict without the usual fear and trepidation? With business conflicts on the rise, conflict resolution skills can become an essential part of your skill set. In this workshop, you gain the ability and confidence to resolve almost any dispute. Through lecture, discussion, examples from your life and work experience, and experiential classroom activities, you learn the skills and strategies to experience conflict in its optimal form: from a point of view of acceptance and an open attitude of discovery and opportunity, where the process of conflict becomes a gateway to greater understanding of others and ourselves. Delivering Quality Presentations This hands-on workshop helps participants become comfortable, confident, and masterful presenters. The principles presented apply to all business settings. Course content is customized to focus on the interests and concerns of each attendee. Participants practice exercises designed specifically for them; have the opportunity to make several presentations; receive positive feedback and personal coaching from the instructor; learn to focus, prepare, organize, and deliver a presentation; identify the needs of the audience; deal with emotional and mental blocks to delivering presentations; and be more in tune with oneself, the audience, and the material. The workshop gives attendees a creative, dynamic model of communication that allows them to confidently present to audiences of any size. Foundation Skills of Business Writing This workshop focuses on clear writing techniques with an emphasis on business applications. Topics include: strategies for getting started; effective sentence structure; paragraph organization; punctuation conventions; appropriate word choice; and the key elements of effective memo, letter, and report writing. The workshop also provides a working model that will help participants organize their thoughts and get their ideas across to the reader.

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