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Rob Liano

Best Selling Author ✪ Sales Strategist ✪ Motivational Speaker Rob Liano is a Master of Ceremonies who's enthusiastic style and genuine persona has earned him a reputation as an influential, results-driven speaker. His focus is on imparting knowledge and actionable insight to empower employees to make a greater contribution to the company's overall success. Endorsements include Fortune 500 companies: Estee Lauder, UnitedHealthOne, Assurant. He has been cited by USA Today, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN and

Keynote Topics: Sales and Marketing, Team Building and Coaching, Motivation and Goal Setting,
Sales Training, Motivation and Goal Setting, Presentation Skills,

If all the world’s a stage, Best Selling Author and Sales Strategist Rob Liano is front and center. A visionary trailblazer and thought leader, Rob is a highly-respected Sales Coach and Business Advisor, consistently sought out for his groundbreaking innovation.

His introduction to sales came during his late teenage years when, following in his father’s footsteps, he knocked on doors selling vacuums. Though some of the old-school sales lessons he learned stuck with him throughout his career of nearly 30 years, he continuously improved his craft through avid study, trial and error, and thinking outside of the box–discarding archaic techniques that no longer proved effective.

This led him to pioneer many new and creative solutions. By pairing some old–and a wealth of new–techniques, he developed a logical, innovative and non-failing system of selling. His work ethic, dedication to refining his craft, and straightforward manner of delivering a message, enabled him to become a renowned sales strategist. His methodology has transformed struggling businesses into multi-million-dollar producers.

He truly made his mark by changing the face of insurance sales. He was able to transform an industry who’s primary focus was on product training, yet extremely limited on essential sales skills. He implemented new and improved methods for selling telephonically just as the industry trended online, and became the catalyst for agents and agencies to reach top producer status.

In 2012, Rob earned his Life Coaching Certification and progressed his career even further, because let’s face it . the success of any company is dependent upon its people, and if employees are struggling with something personally, it negatively impacts the business. Life coaching and sales training is a match made in heaven, because success in either is dependent upon the very same principles. Building healthy relationships, developing trust, clear communication, serving others, finding solutions, working together, being an expert at your craft, getting and staying motivated and setting goals.

In this technological era of instant gratification, many old school techniques just don’t cut it any more. Rob Liano’s modern, cutting edge, easy to implement insights will increase your business, motivate you, amplify your career and open the door to the success you desire and deserve. His honesty and accountability might prompt you to shift in your seat, but he’ll get you to think, make you laugh and always leave you empowered.

Sales Strategist

Certified Life Coach

All sessions can be modified to 30, 60 or 90 minute lengths, and can add an additional 30 minute boot camp or breakout session.

12 Factors that Increase Sales, Improve Retention and Impact Referrals

After analyzing his own accomplishments, interviewing hundreds of successful salespeople and conducting months of research, Rob Liano compiled the defining factors when it comes to being world class.

In this action packed, interactive session, attendees will explore sales methodologies devised to increase sales, improve retention and position you to obtain more referrals. You’ll be taken through the 12 attributes necessary to set yourself apart from the competition.

Strategies include:

★ Engaging the Prospect
★ Hot, Warm and Cold Calling
★ Qualifying Sales
★ 3 Ways to Build Value
★ Assuming the Sale
★ The Most Effective Closing Phrase
★ First Rate Follow Up
★ Retention Reinvention
★ Effective Presentation Design
★ Positioning Yourself as an Expert
★ Setting SMARTer Goals
★ Beating the Time Barrier


Anyone can deliver a sales presentation, but the real challenge in sales occurs when a client isn’t quite ready to commit at the close. All too often, sales people aren't prepared to properly (and tactfully) respond to what's commonly known as sales objections.

This in depth session explores the psychology behind objections & rebuttals, why the occur and the most effective way to respond so that you can turn the why into a buy, more often then ever before. After this session you will:

★ Evaluate Your Current Process
★ Increase Your Closing Percentage
★ Learn Why There’s no Such Thing as Objections
★ Discover How We Learn to Expect & Accept Objections
★ Understand Why Rebuttals are Largely Ineffective

Inspiration Designed to Empower Employees to reach their Potential

From the age of 15, playing drums was my life. My goal was to become a professional musician. Then, at the age of 25, I had a major car accident and severely injured my back. After a few weeks of dealing with debilitating pain and ineffective rehab, doctors told me the one thing I did not want to hear. They said I’d "never play drums again."

To put it bluntly, life sucked.

Eight years later I was chosen to play drums for a rock comedy tour with comedian, Jim Breuer. That photo is me playing at the PlayStation Theater in New York City. I have since shared the stage or jammed with Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), members of Twisted Sister, Anvil and Anthrax, as well as, Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black, Colin Quinn and Janeane Garofalo. How did that happen?

I reignited my passion! Now, of course there's more to the story, however, in this space, we're going to focus on one of the most important factors to success, motivation.

Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. And since we are literally taught goal oriented behaviors in our youth, such as, when a paper is due or finishing your chores before you get an allowance, why is it that so many people lack motivation? There are several reasons. Either an affinity for the objective is absent, there’s a deficiency in the process, or the perceived risk outweighs the effort or reward. And, at its most common level, we allow failure, bad experiences or the commentary of others deter us from chasing our dreams and we end up discouraged.

When it comes to motivation, one size doesn’t fit all, and this creates a major challenge simply due to the fact that every business, school, group or franchisee is made up of individuals. To be effective, you must determine what inspires the individual and meet them at their level of motivation. Then you must provide actionable insight to empower them to meet and exceed their goals. That's what this interactive session provides via the following components:

★ Four Aspects of Employee Engagement
★ Three Components of Motivation
★ Rediscovering Your WHY
★ Impacting Others
★ Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
★ Perception Redirection
★ The Talent Show
★ Vision Revision

Leading the team and building the dream takes teamwork

Teamwork involves different people and different groups across your business working together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal. Teamwork also allows employees to take greater responsibility for decision making while controlling more of the work process. This leads to improved morale and increased productivity.

So why is it often challenging to make the team, work together?

It's simple, they lack faith. If an employee doesn't have faith in the vision of the leadership, the goal, their co-workers and their own ability, the team will fail.

This fun and interactive session restores that faith by imparting the following insight:

★ Commitment and Purpose
★ Objectives/Goals
★ Why childishness is Essential to Success
★ The Brainstorm
★ TLC: Trust, Love and Communication
★ Talent Scouts
★ Fear Factor
★ Accountability You Can Count On


Preparing and supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational changes
Many CEO's involved in transitioning share the same three concerns:

1. How the work force will react
2. How they can get their team to work together
3. How they will be able to lead their people

Even though at some point, everyone knows, change is inevitable, businesses often encounter transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations that are reluctant to change.

This has to change!

No single methodology fits every company, but there is a set of practices, tools, and techniques that can be adapted to a variety of situations. In this session employees and management will gain insight into the following powerful topics.

★ The 4 reasons we fear change
★ Embracing change
★ Learning to adapt
★ Using the past to move forward
★ Build trust
★ Three levels of accountability


What are S.M.A.R.T. goals? It’s a concept that has been around for years. Rob Liano has taken it a step further and created SMARTer Goals to provide you with simple, logical way to get better results, move you out of your comfort zone and allow you to achieve success faster and without the stress. It’s a simple process to kickstart your progress. You will learn how to:

★ Define Goals
★ Refine Goals
★ Design Goals
★ Achieve Goals
Properly Set Goals

All topics than can be changed or tailored to fit your needs, product or service.


You can’t succeed if you don’t know what you’re doing. Who better to guide you than someone who’s track record of success includes going from a top producer, to sales trainer, consultant and coach, to best selling author?

Ben Gay III
Author, The Closers
Rob came in to speak with my department at Estee Lauder on innovation, creativity, time management, and work ethic. Rob was able to make an impression on everyone in the department. Each person took something different away from his presentation. 
Jill Hilton CPP 
Estee Lauder

Thank you for helping us raise our team’s performance, and instilling a culture of sales excellence! Through your regular skill training and one-on-one work with our advisors, we have been able to raise our production by nearly 40 percent, in less than 3 months! Your skill, humor, and real concern for the sales rep has made working with you a pleasurable and profitable venture.

Wiley Long, HSA for America


Rob is an absolute Jedi when it comes to business and sales. Rob knows stuff about business, sales, and people, that very few of us in the business world will ever learn, much less master.
Bert Martinez, Sales & Marketing Consultant

You were absolutely the best ASI speaker. I can't wait for your ASK book!

Darlene Saal, The Business Card Holder LLC


I’ve seen Rob teach and present first-hand, and I can say that every time he speaks, he brings wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm to his audiences. And better yet, I’ve seen how his audiences respond to him.
Michael Beck
Executive Coach


If anybody is looking to have a group of people taught how to sell, you don’t need to look any further than Rob Liano. He is the absolute best I have ever seen in my life. He uses a thorough approach where his students become actual students of the business. When Rob is finished with someone, they know the business inside out. Rob focuses on overcoming objections, and he is a master at the technique.

Andrew Martin, Benefit Associates


Rob is not just another motivational speaker that you run into at sales meetings. Hes a common sense speaker that makes you think, with easy to apply concepts that work.
His approach to speaking is with excellent examples that you will remember when you are inthe field. His approach creates a thought provoking concept of success. Rob is a gifted speaker that you never get tired of listening to.
Jerry Wisniewski CPP


We brought Rob in for a five-hour Rock Star Sales Training session in front of our Top Producers. These are brokers already producing at a very high level. Each told me it was some of the best training in sales they had ever received. All expect to see a significant increase in sales as a result of Rob’s insights. I would highly recommend Rob Liano’s training to any sales force looking to increase their production.

Rick Notter, RHU UniCare a Wellpoint Company


I’ve studied sales since the late 1980’s and I’ve never heard a better way to deal with objections. You nailed it, most sales trainers teach you to be condescending and argumentative. The next step for me is practice and implementation.

Michael S McDowell, Johns Creek, GA

Rob Liano you're a champion! What I respect about you the most is your commitment to helping people achieve massive results, even if there in not a tangible benefit in it for you. that is a sign of a true mentor, friend and LEADER! YOU ARE A COURAGEOUS, INSPIRATIONAL AND LOVING LEADER.. KEEP BEING YOU!

Nathan Curran, Owner at GoCnate


You came into our office here at Kelsey National last week and I wanted to thank you for being an inspiration to me and all salespeople you come across. If they aren't learning from you, I don't know what they're doing. Hope to see you back here some time in the future and keep in touch.

Emiliano Sauceda, Kelsey National Corporation


Rob has vast experience in the sales environment. His track record speaks for itself as he's been able to start a successful sales force from the ground up, and has been a delight in working with regarding retention and satisfied customers.

Brad Lacey, UnitedhealthOne


When it comes to sales and training salepeople, Rob Liano knows the business. He understands the importance of melding technology and the Internet with persistence, a strong work ethic and effective sales strategies to generate and close leads. He not only teaches it; he consistently proves it and puts it to 'real world' use.

Jeremiah Desmarais, Advisorist


Rob gives you the details, the specifics about how to become profitable in selling. He tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. He teaches you time proven experienced techniques as well as incorporating new, modern insight to make selling easier.

Dan McClenathan, Family Life & Health


Rob is a great speaker and magnificent trainer. Great content, I agree on every point!

Fred Adams, Health Revival


Rob Liano is one of the greatest minds in the Sales Industry. His new and fresh ideas makes him very unique, and unlike the norm. If anyone, in any industry, wants to take their sales to a new level....give Rob a call, he will change your life!

Scott Eddy, Travel Media Personality

Rob is a great communicator. I love the way he can take a complex concept and explain it so everyone “gets it”. We have worked together on a couple projects, and Rob is always upbeat, organized and ready to rock!

Peggy Ireland, Editor


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