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Rob Liano

A vibrant sales coach, consultant and strategist. He designs tailor-made sales training programs for companies, then delivers them to employees. His focus is on imparting skills and knowledge to empower employees to make a greater contribution to their employer’s success. His trademark enthusiastic style and in-depth knowledge has earned him a reputation as a valuable, exciting trainer to work with

Keynote Topics:Sales, Marketing, Business Strategies, Motivation
Business Training Topics:Sales Training, Change Management, Team Building

If all the world’s a stage, Best Selling Author and Sales Strategist Rob Liano is front and center. A visionary trailblazer and thought leader, Rob is a highly-respected Sales Coach and Business Advisor, consistently sought out for his groundbreaking innovation.

His introduction to sales came during his late teenage years when, following in his father’s footsteps, he knocked on doors selling vacuums. Though some of the old-school sales lessons he learned stuck with him throughout his career of nearly 30 years, he continuously improved his craft through avid study, trial and error, and thinking outside of the box–discarding archaic techniques that no longer proved effective.

This led him to pioneer many new and creative solutions. By pairing some old–and a wealth of new–techniques, he developed a logical, innovative and non-failing system of selling. His work ethic, dedication to refining his craft, and straightforward manner of delivering a message, enabled him to become a renowned sales strategist. His methodology has transformed struggling businesses into multi-million-dollar producers.

He truly made his mark by changing the face of insurance sales. He was able to transform an industry who’s primary focus was on product training, yet extremely limited on essential sales skills. He implemented new and improved methods for selling telephonically just as the industry trended online, and became the catalyst for agents and agencies to reach top producer status.

In 2012, Rob earned his Life Coaching Certification and progressed his career even further, because let’s face it . the success of any company is dependent upon its people, and if employees are struggling with something personally, it negatively impacts the business. Life coaching and sales training is a match made in heaven, because success in either is dependent upon the very same principles. Building healthy relationships, developing trust, clear communication, serving others, finding solutions, working together, being an expert at your craft, getting and staying motivated and setting goals.

In this technological era of instant gratification, many old school techniques just don’t cut it any more. Rob Liano’s modern, cutting edge, easy to implement insights will increase your business, motivate you, amplify your career and open the door to the success you desire and deserve. His honesty and accountability might prompt you to shift in your seat, but he’ll get you to think, make you laugh and always leave you empowered.

Sales Strategist

Certified Life Coach

All sessions can be modified to 30, 60 or 90 minute lengths, and can add an additional 30 minute boot camp or breakout session.


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