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Paul N Larsen, MA, Leadership Coach & Consultant

Paul relishes all opportunities to have leaders lose that old baggage and transform into a leader that takes initiative and ownership for their results. The impact is a well-connected, agile and engaged workplace full of "WHOA!, and not woe, results. He is a street-smart and engaging global leadership coach and consultant with over 20 years of experience within the chaos of the corporate world. He has a proven track record of success in advancing strategic thought, jump-starting operations, and maximizing growth and development within Fortune 100, start-up, high-tech, and non-profit environments. A leadership veteran of such iconic companies as Charles Schwab, Adobe Systems, Bristol-Myers Squibb and One Equity Partners, he is now a trusted coach and consultant to global leaders and teams via his innovative coaching and consulting practice.

Keynote Topics: Alternative Medicine For Life & Work,
Business Training Topics: Career Development, Human Resources Strategies, Leadership, Managing Change,

Paul is widely successful with:\n\nStrengthening Fast Growth Environments • \nPushing the Envelope to Drive Change • \nAccelerating Organizational & Team Momentum • \nCoaching Through Chaos • \nChallenging the Status Quo • \nGetting Leaders to Find Their Voice & Take Action • \nDesigning & Delivering Cutting Edge Learning Initiatives • \n&\nGiving Back Globally Through Facilitated Educational Projects!\n\nHe focuses on building organizational effectiveness and capacity through the creation and execution of innovative programs. Current client list includes small, mid-size and large for-profit and non-profit organizations within the retail, technology, ecommerce, financial services and healthcare domains. \n\nRecent Programs and Projects include:\n\n• "V2!": Values & Vision: Developed, packaged and currently facilitates a high-powered "Vision and Values" program customized for any- size organization which aligns future business goals with the creation of a strategic company culture\n\n• "LeaderSWOT": Design and branding of client’s global leadership development program linked to the overall strategic growth of the organization. Targeted a population of 350 officer-level executives.\n\n• "Create Your PV": Developed and facilitated an intensive executive coaching program for “C-suite” level teams with a focus on “Maximizing Your Leadership Presence & Voice”.\n\n• Significantly increased the performance and engagement of over 400 mid-level worldwide management staff by creating and implementing a "just-in-time" social learning community.\n\n• Orchestrated enterprise-wide change management effort for global ecommerce division (2,000+ employees) resulting in a more collaborative and open work environment.\n\n• Headed re-organization and re-design of a international marketing and sales team that resulted in a more streamlined and responsive reporting structure better aligned to product lines.\n\n• Designed and facilitated customized leadership and team interventions within several global virtual environments. Ongoing topics include: best practices of performance consulting; strategic goal alignment; influential management skills; giving and receiving feedback; presentation and communication skills.\n\n

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