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Margie Thomas

She has extensive research and work experience with complex scientific processes regarding how to make organizations thrive. Receive personalized, strategic processes, specific communications techniques which enhance leadership skills and improve productivity.

Keynote Topics:
Business Training Topics:Communications, Leadership, Strategic Planning, technology

Taming the chaos in your organization

As President of M.A.T. Consulting, Margie combines her management experience with in training and facilitation to help organizations learn how to tame the chaos.

Drawing from her degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University, she continues to study and work with the complex scientific processes of communications that make organizations thrive.

You will receive a personalized, strategic process and specific communications techniques to enhance leadership skills and job performance for your organization.

Margie offers a variety of venues to learn her tools including conference keynotes, full-day seminars, workshops, executive retreats, on-site consultation and learning products.

Professional Topics

The Issues Behind The Issues  - Why is Team Communication so Hard? - Taming the Chaos

Degrees in both Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University

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