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Lauren Schieffer

Master Communicator known for her energetic and impactful seminars.

Keynote Topics: Communication, Motivation, Dealing with Difficult People,
Business Training Topics: Personality Styles, Communication, Conflict Management, Positive Attitudes at work, ,

Her enthusiasm is contagious and her passion unmistakable.

Lauren is a renowned author and master communicator. She is the architect of – and driving force behind – Road Signs to Significance and the High Road Revolution.

Her ability to relate to and energize audiences from the custodial staff to C-Level executives has propelled her keynote speaking and training career.

Every human being, at some level, wants to feel significant.

Lauren Schieffer understands that and, for the past 18 years, has been helping global audiences find their individual significance in the workplace and personally.

It may involve changing the way they communicate with others. It could involve changing how they communicate with themselves. Sometimes, it means changing their paradigm of what true success is.

Lauren has spent her career pinpointing characteristics of significance, how to understand differing communication styles, how to prevent and manage conflict from the High Road and how to mediate difficult conversations to achieve mutual benefit.

Her clients include: The United States Departments of Labor, Agriculture, Veterans Affairs and Justice, Colgate Palmolive, QuikTrip, CenturyLink, InterContinental Hotel Group and Trump Enterprises.

Lauren simplifies respectful communication while she champions acceptance of self and elevates others to a place of influence while staying on the High Road – which is the only road to true and satisfying success.

Her first book, Road Signs on the High Road of Life, was listed in the top ten for corporate gift-giving by Lifestyle Magazine

B.A. Fine Arts Public Relations, Arizona State University

Specialized Training and Certifications in:

D.I.S.C. Personality Profiling Neurolinguistic Programming Paralanguage Conflict Management and Resolution Crisis Resolution and Conflict Mediation

Before It Comes to Blows! (Preventing and Managing Conflict From the High Road)

The most successful and dynamic people (and businesses) learn how to resolve conflict before it starts, and create an atmosphere that fosters understanding and expression. These skills do not typically come naturally, but they can be learned!

This insightful and humorous keynote gives participants specific skills and strategies to prevent conflict before it arises, deal with the day-to-day dippies of petty disagreements and navigate even the most explosive situations without losing – all from a High Road position.

Road Signs to Significance (Transcending Mere Success into True Significance)

While we all want to feel significant, few have a true understanding of what Significance is.

Significance is not just about financial success, but so much more. Significance involves having a positive impact at work and making the world you interact with better because of that interaction.

It involves having influence and leaving a legacy. Fortunately, there are certain characteristic people of significance have in common and these characteristics can be fostered and developed.

This engaging and entertaining keynote will cause participants to rethink what they believe about success, leadership and communication as they discover the path to their own individual significance.

Your Signature Voice (The Voices in Your Head are Right!)

There are voices in your head! There are voices in everyone’s head. Everyone talks to themselves. What you say to yourself is your, completely unique, signature voice. What that signature voice says to you is the primary factor that determines your success and your significance. Luckily your signature voice can be controlled, and trained in what it says to you.

This engaging and entertaining keynote gives participants specific understanding of the relationship between their conscious mind and their subconscious mind, (neuroscience) – how the subconscious mind works to create reality, and how to change their intrapersonal and interpersonal communication to create the reality, success and significance they desire.

Ten Building Blocks of High Road Communicators (How to Understand and Be Understood – Every Time)

The greatest hindrance to growth in any organization, or in any individual career is poor communication, both up and down the ladder. Most people are promoted (or not) based on how they relate to others, not their talent or skill level – and so many projects fail because of poor or non-existent communication.

This humorous keynote steeps down the core competencies of effective, respectful communication into a simple, easy to understand progression of Ten Building Blocks that every true master communicator needs to achieve results, influence and significance.

Road Signs on the High Road of Life (Your GPS to Triumph!)

Are we there yet? Everyone travels a different path but most people long for a measure of success in their personal and professional lives.

Everyone’s journey through life is unique. Like any journey one might travel, the destination isn’t always clear. With twists and turns aplenty, it’s easy to get lost at the various cross roads we face. Luckily there are Road Signs to guide us and these guide posts are identical on everyone’s road. They are there beacons to direct us, if we are willing to see and pay attention to them.

This humorous and engaging keynote highlights those Road Signs on everyone’s life journey that are essential to victory over victimhood, success in the face of adversity and significance in a world full of minutia.

Participants in this program will be able to stop wandering around and actually get where they want to be in life.

“In her communication session, Lauren was informative, entertaining, insightful and offered practical concepts they were able to apply immediately. I’ve seen a real difference in how they communicate with both their agents and customers.”

Jean Burke, State Farm Insurance

“I was invigorated, not drained after attending Lauren’s program on effective communication – which is unusual. With what I learned I am now able to be tactful and, with respect to the individual, get my point across and get things done. Everyone should learn from Lauren!”

Mitch Angel, Coogee Chemical, Perth, WA, AUS

“Lauren is a unique combination of an excellent communicator, offering relevant content and bottled sunshine. She is not to be missed!”

Lisa Allen, CenturyLink

“We all walked out the door that day with information that we could immediately put in place in our business and in our life. Although it was so much fun, it wasn’t just a “rah-rah” session, it was a workshop focusing on real communication skills that all attendees can use.”

Jan Moses – Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

“I greatly admire women of high integrity. Lauren Schieffer lives in and shows others to the place of impeccable integrity. In her book and her women’s workshops, Lauren provides vivid tales from her own experience that, in turn, inspire others to consistently walk the High Road. Lauren has been that inspiration for me.”

Boni McDowel, – Scottsdale, AZ

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